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Wataniya TV Ad

Wataniya TV – “Opens on First Day of Ramadan” !!

Wataniya Telecom, is officially going to open their own channel by the name of “Wataniya TV”. The Telecom company Wataniya is also, going to be opening new Ramadan series on their channel. So, guys get ready for Ramadan, there will be bunch of series waiting for you to watch them !!



Ramadan – “Almost Here” !!

Ramadan the holy month for muslim, is currently on its way. Ramadan is scheduled to be on Monday of next week. We are waiting for this month, the month of Holy and Family Gatherings and obvouisly the most famous to all ages Gargian, where kids and adults enjoy sweets and candy and gather around with their families. Ramadan Kareem Guys !!


Nook Color From Barnes & Noble – “Best Experince in Reading What You Love”

The Nook Color is the best expirence in reading what you love. It was released not so long ago of summer of last year June 21, 2010, by Barnes & Noble. This spectacular device provides, the best of books and the best in magizines from over 2 MILLON !! titles,, you could also surf the net via Wi-Fi through it and even upload/download music on it, get the best apps and also a full featured email and social fun, all that in a 7-inch HD touch screen. The price of this device is all for $249 approx. 78 KD. GET IT NOW I JUST GO MINE !!



Like Us or Follow Us “The Fixtures Q8” Going Social Networking !!

The Fixtures Q8 has now got a Facebook and Twitter accounts. To get more updates and quick notifications on what we post Follow us on Twitter. To get new stories or forum recomamdation and also notifacations the Like is on Facebook.

Facebook: The Fixtures Q8
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Looking forward to seeing and listening to you.


Lab8 by Noor Khuraibut – “Fashion Treatment” For those Fashion Victims ladies !!

Lab8 by Noor Khuraibut, is the latest fashion for women in Kuwait. Lab8 also offers the best in women dresses and garments in many revalutionary styles. Lab8 name simbolize in a philophy “8” simbolizes in the women figure of a women, and the “Lab” represent the kitchen where the clothewear is designed. The amazing designs of Lab8 by Noor Khuraibut, are a spectacular work of art and also a vision of a masterpiece. For the ladies who love the Night dresses or Sawray’s, then we really recommand you to go and check out the latest clothwears available.

Lab8 Location: Jabriya, Block 1B, Street 105, Building 213 (right next to Pinkberry)
(Open at 9:00 am till 9:00 pm)

Contact Lab8:-
Telephone: 25319713
Twitter: @LAB_8_
Facebook Fan Page: LAB 8 by Noor Khraibut





American Eagle Outfitters Caps – “The Caps of Style” !!

American Eagle Outfitters have one of the greatest caps, they are now worn by teenagers worldwide espically Kuwait. Recently, American Eagle Outfitters came out with new designs and styles for their caps with look great in many types of clothes. In Kuwait American Eagle Outfitters branch is at the Avenues Mall next to PF. Change Bistro. Check them out now !!





LOL !! “fouseyTube” channel video: Middle Eastern Parents

This video is really hilarous and extermly funny for middle eastern’s !! Check it out. Video by: fouseyTUBE

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011) – The Movie With The Hot Best Seller !!

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, the which was released in Denmark in 2009 (European Version) was a Mega-Hit in Europe. Now, its time to come out with the Hollywood Version which will be released on 21 Dec 2011. The movie starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara. Daniel Craig is famously known as the new James Bond, he played his role in the movie “Casino Royal” and “Quantum of Solace” as James Bond. Rooney Mara is known for her role in “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “The Social Network” as Erica Albight. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, is a Crime, Thriller movie which talks about a jounilist which is trying to help find a women, which was missing for Forty years, a computer hacker. The movie was a big hit in Europe and a bestseller hopefully this time Worldwide. I just recently saw the European version which was a pretty awosome movie and really recommand you guys check it out. CANT WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIE IN DECEMBER !!


Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport 16.4 (2012) – THE CONVERTABLE BUGATTI !!

The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport 16.4 Convertable is the hottest, and we mean the HOTTEST Buggati in the market and its also the most expensive Bugatti ever made. The Buggati GS has the same speed and horsepower then the prevoius Bugatti. It is said to be sold for $2 Million approx. 550,000 KD, but believe its worth the price for those who are looking into getting one. This Buggati is also known for its High Class preformance and one of the Best Technology and Enigneering, it also broke the record for the fastest convertable car ever !! LUV THIS CAR, ITS SEXY AND HAAAWT !!