“Google+” Social Networking Hwaaaaat !!

Google finally made there best even “bester”. Then new Google Social Networking “Google+” is one amazing social networking. It people are now facing which one is better then the other, but I gotta say and sorry facebook, but “Google+” kicked your arse. Unfortentally, you cant join the site without an invite and a gmail account. Google+ also includes better services and awosomer options then Facebook, it includes 3 awosome critira’s, Circles, Hangouts & Sparks. Circle’s is the where you can organize your friends as you wish such as family, friends, siblings and even FAMOUS PEOPLE. Hangouts, is a webcam chat that allows you not only to chat one friend at a time but more then friends in a confrence. Last but no least, Sparks, is just like twitter/new together, here you search your news follow your idol etc. Google+ the best of the best in social networking. It should get a round of appluase to that amazing site. KEEP IT UP GOOGLE !!



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