Ramadan – “Almost Here” !!

Ramadan the holy month for muslim, is currently on its way. Ramadan is scheduled to be on Monday of next week. We are waiting for this month, the month of Holy and Family Gatherings and obvouisly the most famous to all ages Gargian, where kids and adults enjoy sweets and candy and gather around with their families. Ramadan Kareem Guys !!



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  1. Ramadhan was designed to be a trial period to experience faith, good deeds and community interaction. Over time Ramadhan was diluted into to a period fasting (hunger) that supposed to magically transform people from jackasses to enlightenment.

  2. موفقين في موقعكم الجديد واتمنى لكم التقدم الفكري ورفع اسم الكويت عاليا ومبارك عليكم الشهر مقدما …… اخوكم بدر نوري

  3. Mashkoor yal ghalee ya najemna oo fanana Bader Nori, ya36eek al 3fya oo matgaser.

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