Atlantis The Palm, Dubai – Visit It Live The Moment !!

Atlantis The Palms in Dubai located in Jumeria, is one of the greatest places you would want to visit in the middle east, in it you can enjoy the best services and entertainment including the best Rooms & Suites. Lets talk about the entertainmet first, in it you can enjoy the state of the art activities including Teenage Clubing (13-18) and the most amazing Aquaventure, which is the water park available in the hotel. The next thing is the Scuba Diving and Royal Swim, the Royal Swim is the greatest entertainment available, which is swimming with the SEA ANIMALS including Dolphins, Cownose Rays, Sharks and Jelly Fishs etc. but dont worry there is no harm what so ever. Next, the Rooms & Services, first of you got the Imperial Club, which is the classic and the most chic room for the people who wish to have access to all places and the best privacy. The top suite is known as the Bridge Suite, which is the place with the best view and two floor including Dinning room and aquarium and 4 rooms and three bathrooms also access to all place with extrem privacy and security. Last but not least is the Lounges & Clubs, now this is the place relax at night and have the best meals and drinks. Now guys, we haven’t explained every thing in the story but make sure you do please visit the website:

Please visit the site to check ou the full services and entertainmets.

Atlantis Dubai


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