Interview (P2BK)


So, we contacted P2BK, at their site they were very generous to take the interview with us, thanks to Bedour Al Shakhs who answered all our questions. Guys, hope you enjoy this interview.

*What does P2BK symbolizes ?

-P2BK symbolizes “P: Proud 2: To B: Be K: Kuwaiti”

*What is the aim of P2BK ?

-The aim of P2BK is to “support and highlight Kuwaiti youths energies in varouis fields and levels by organizing activities, events and national contributions, while exposing and overcoming the obstacles facing them during their inception and beginnig.”

*When and how was P2BK estblished ?

-P2BK is a nonprofit organization that was established in 2008 where it was an idea came to the mind of Dhari Al-Wazzan (Founder) and his team

*Tell us about P2BK

-Our slogan is project nation; established to be the umbrella to all the youth innovations at the national level, and to highlight the Kuwaiti achievements and small projects throughout our work. Our team for four years now combined of Kuwaiti girls nd boys from all ages working voluntarily to organize and search for different Kuwaiti businesses established by the youth and put them under one rooftop. A yearly event takes place supporting the variety of businesses and giving them the opptunity to market their products and be known by others. Also, in P2BK we have different activities that happen throughout the year such as the monthly magazine and the yearly summer program that have been part of P2BK’s program for two years now.

*Tell us about the progress of P2BK

-We as P2BK team work in different departmeants such as media, marketing and magazine. We welcome all that are willing to help and join the team; one of our main goals is teamwork which is the key to our success. P2BK is an establishing organization now and have full timers and part times working daily, giving ideas and creativity is what each one of us is aiming to have because each year is more challenging.

*Why was P2BK adressed as “Proud To Be Kuwaiti”, what started that name ?

-Each one of us is proud to be kuwaiti and want to represent something to our country so the name speaks itself Dhari Al-Wazzan the founder started that name.

We would like to thanks greatly to Bedour Al-Shakhs and P2BK to provide us their imformation, and what started this campign. Guys, we know it was a long interview and please read it and enjoy it =D


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