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Interview (7abitainBlog) Blog


Recently, I was talking to Essa on the phone (Founder of 7abitain) about, what the plan is toward our blogs. I knew Essa since were kids, we used to be friends for a long time. Then, I came up with an idea to interview him, and here it is…

7abitain, Tell us about it.

7abitain has two potenial bloggers, who are Essa [Me] & AbdulRahman. The name does not mean 7abitain as in a valgrish way, it actually mean 2 bloggers. Anyone who reads our blog, will have a big smile at the end. We talk about Kuwait and sometimes important events worldwide.

Who supported your journey through blogging ?

Blogging Community! Also, some of the bloggers helped us through our journey, like “p0ach” and varouis bloggers. We also worked really hard to achieve what we achieved. MANY THANKS TO BLOGGING COMMUNITY !

Who/What started or inspired your blog ?

The blog was inspired by a poet in Kuwait, Nouf Al-Attar, we read her poetry on her Twitter and Facebook page. She is also going to be publishing a book and starting a blog, so stay tuned. We also read blogs in Kuwait that really entertain us, and el7imdallah we achieved what we wanted.

When was your blog established ?

27 May, 2011

Essa, Tell us about yourself

Im a 17 year old man:), turning 18 on Feburary 10th. I like mostly to cook sweets, and i love playing the piano.

Last Comments:

Many thanks to The Fixtures Q8 team for our first interview, you guys really stand up for the motto: “Live The Moment, Get Your Moment”, because you helped us reach our moment. GO THE FIXTURES Q8 !!!!

Interview (FroyoNation) Blog


We were rapidly busy with this interview. We loved FroyoNation from the start, and the posts that she published was A-Amazing. This was a really long interview! Hope you enjoy it and check out the blog…

Froyo Nation tell us a short brief about yourself ?

I am an ordinary 22 year old girl who likes to try new things and share my experiences with people. I am getting my Bachelors degree of Architecture soon inshallah. I love living, and I hate routines. I am a perfectionist, and an honest person. I am quiet and have a very calm nature, although my blog shows the extreme opposite. I don’t get easily mad, and I refuse to depend on anyone just for the mere fact that I’m a girl. Those are the highlights I guess.

Who founded Froyo Nation ?

Yours truly.

When/How did the blog started?

My blog started on Feb 24, 2011. I never realized that it’s only been 7 months, it felt a lot longer. As for how the blog started, I used to read other blogs on a daily basis and there were many times where I read news that I already knew from other sources. I also liked exploring new places and restaurants so I was capable to do reviews. So I thought why not try starting a blog. I started my blog just so I could try it out and it didn’t take long until it grew into me. Now it’s a passion that I can’t leave even for a day.

What do represent to the people reading you blog ?

I’ve always wanted my blog to be a happy, fun place for both my readers and I. My posts would reflect a good mood even when I’m not really in a good one, because when I write I detach myself from whatever bothers me and hope to make my readers smile. I know it sounds cheesy but it makes you feel good when you make someone happy. *What do you hope to achieve from your blog ?* I’m currently working on taking several steps forward with my blog. I want it to grow and reach more readers. I love interacting with people and hearing different opinions.

Who/What supported Froyo Nation ?

There hasn’t been one person who let me down when I asked for support. I love the blogging community in Kuwait, and how they always embrace new-comers. It humbles me how some even offer help without me asking for it, to me they are more of a family. Even though we mostly know each other from behind the screens, but some of the people I met have earned most of my respect.

Last Comments:

I hope that anyone who reads my blog will have the same passion about it as I do. Thank you the Fixtures Q8 team for your interest in my blog and for this interview. It was really sweet of you =)

W.T.F Is Up With That Dawg ??!

This dog is majorly “high” on helium. At first I was like, what could possibly go any more wrong on YouTube ? Well, I should have saved those words to myself. So, I was surfing YouTube, searching for a good laugh, NOT UNTIL I met this dawg, with a helium overdose 🙂 !!

Caution:TFQ8 is not responsible for any nightmares or any brain shocks. HAHAHA JK JK :p

Im Sorry, Sale of What ?!


Okk, this is litterally embaressing, where the hell is the translator ??. So, I found this one my friend’s wall on facebook, so I decided to show it to you guys, and gey to see what you guys think.
Tell us and comment on, what you think of this indisputed title on the pic !!

Newest Season: Gossip Girl RELEASED =/


Okay, so I realized how girls love the TV show “Gossip Girl. We saw lots of ladies tweeting . . . that newest season of “Gossip Girl”, maybe Season 4 or 5 . . . I dunno :p but girls are amped up about it !!


So, we managed to see, whats up with ladies and “Gossip Girl” . . .  well we couldnt find any reasonable answer hahaha :p. The release was yesterday, hope you girl/ladies/”who run the world”, hahaha Im just jokin around with ya, anyways hope you enjoyed it. Comment and tell is how it went !

TFQ8.TV@ Salmiya Entry Accident Major Traffic

We we’re on our way to Salmiya. At the entry towards Salmiya, we got stuck by a major traffic cause by an accident. Police & ambulances surronded the traffic that took 30 minutes to get out of. Check out the video. . .

Our YouTube Channel: TheFixturesQ8TV

WOAH ! LMFAO !! HAHAHAHA !! This Kid Got Moves !!

Okk, I didnt wanna post this, but serouisly its way to funny not too! Is it wrong that Im laughing the heck out !!! Hahaha :’) Forgive, me if it is but this video this THE MOST HILAROUIS VIDEO IVE EVER SEEN !! But, daum the kid got moves =D

Bass Booster !! : Kush – Dr.Dre ft. Akon & Snopp Dogg

Alright, get ready to inhale then exhale, cuz your about to listen to “Kush”. Anyone in their car…Caution: “This music will blow your mind” … False advert haha … anyhow….anyone who is in the car and got the “Bose” on, get ready to put this music…not 100% no no max it to 500%. Yeah, your car will definatly bounce like a lowrider… 🙂


This type of music isnt rap nor hip/hop, not even rock it immm… “Rahihaock” mixture of the three 😀 . But, its a pretty awosome song, it in Dr.Dre newest album “DETOX” check out the song . . .

Birthdays: Micheal Douglas & Will Smith



Today is the birthday’s of Will Smith who turned (43) and Micheal Douglas who just turned (66). Happy Birthday to Micheal and Will =)

Adidas Skywalkers – Winter Awosome Shoe’s



Winter’s most comfortable sheo’s, Adidas Skywalker are thick from the inside and smooth from the outside. They are majorly sold in the US, this is because they arw worth to be worn and extremly comfortable. They look amazing on jeans, shorts, 3 quarters and even from Hollister to Abrecrombie shorts. They called them “Skywalker”, from the famous Yoda shoes and Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. So, get ready to “Fly of Your Boots” and start skywalkin 🙂