Kuwait vs. Korea – Match On The Edge !!


Kuwait, Al Azraq (Blue Team) vs. Korea was the best match yet. Yesterday, the match had put fans from Kuwait on the edge, looking forward for Kuwait team to win, but better yet. So, in the first half Korea managed to score the first goal in the 1st half, “unhappy to Kuwait right ?”, but hold on, Kuwait were a little low on defense, this is becuase the midfielders we’re aiming to attack. But story so long, in the second half the midfield managed to take a stand, and Korea this time they we’re the ones on attacking, while they left the goal unattened with the defense, well guess what ?. Yes, Kuwait score a pretty sweet goal !!. The game went on, while Korea where aiming for the second goal but sadly for them, this is because Kuwait defense was so tight. So, at the end of the match is ended at a respectful bout on a 1-1 draw score. Kuwait and Korea, made fans had a really enjoyment night, and a fun man. We would like, to congragulate both teams on their gameplay, and hope to see more. Go Kuwait !!



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