wtf ??! One Horrific Movie !! Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night (2011)






So, I just got movie on DVD “Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night”, now you guys might have heard about the two prevouis movies, but if you like the other two you will diffenetly love this one. Well, the first movie that was released on 2009 and was a pretty sick, scary movie, and the second the was released last year was even sicker and scarier, and now the latest one, which is the one we got, is even much…much..much…*i could go one by saying much*…yes much more scarier, believe me guys it one horrific movie. Now, we dont want to be “spoilers” so were just gonna give ya the basic outlet of the movie, well um…there is only one word to describe it , its “SICK !!”, yes guys its one sick son of a film movie, but to be honest its a pretty good movie, you guys should check it out. So, once you guys check it out hope you guys enjoy it and once you enjoy please leave a comment saying how it went =D


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  1. I Went to the movie.. it wasn’t THAT scary, heck through the whole movie everyone was talking & not paying attention to anything at alllllll !!! it really needs improvement, & from what my friend told me: the budget they gave for the movie was not alot to create a great & horror movie.. that’s why it has low quality.

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