Interview (Lab8 by. Noor Khuraibut)


So, we contacted Noor, to ask if it was possible to conduct an interview with her and talk about her designs of her wonderful work. Please enjoy the interview…

*What does the name “Lab 8” simbolizes ?

Concept of LAB symbolizes the kitchen, behind the scenes & 8 symbolizes the figure of the woman.

*Tell us about your design.

I like to consider my designs as avat-garde .. Renovate and modern

*Tell us about your fashion and style.

I like to consider my style as contemporary. I’ve studied history of fashion yet incorporate it in an innovative way. Like incorporating many cultures and techniques i’ve learned through out the years. Style is something that last long and last for ever, it has my personal touch yet fashion and what  the fashion industry represent. For example this season has defined colored and patterns I follow these patterns yet incorporate LAB 8 in them. Fashion has defined lines which all designers follow. Yet what makes a designer is his personal touch.

*What is the aim of Lab 8 ?

We aim for international exposure. As a company we are never settled for the local media. We are always ahead in distinguishing our brand in an international level.

*Why was the name of the brand called “Lab 8” ?

We believe that fashion is created and elaborated. Thats why we came with the name “LAB” which represents all innovative/madness  sence we have towords the way we see fashion. LAB is the kitchen where all ideas collide making a new sence of identity.

*What/Who supported the brand ?

I’ve started since 2004 when nobody believed in local designs, but we’ve pushed the envelope a bit further. Making a cosmopolitan taste for Kuwaities. I thank my family for the support. They believed in my dream and supported it 100%.

*When was “Lab 8” established ?


*Last Comments:

I’m glad for this interview. Which make us grow and makes us stronger.

Our Comments:

We would like to thank Noor Khuraibut to take her time to let us conduct this interview with her and Lab8.


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