Interview (Bero0q8) Blog

We really loved Bero0q8, and her posts that she published.

When was Bero0q8 founded ?

I Started My Blog On December 2010 Almost One Year Old 😀

Who/What supported your blog ?

I Actually Wanted My Blog To Be My Getaway So No One At First, But Now I Have My Family And Lots Of Friends Who Support Me And My Blog ( Al7mdallah )

What is the aim of Bero0q8 ?

As I Said My Blog Is My Getaway , So I Mostly Express My Thoughts , My Writings And Short Stories Which May Help Others To Look At The Bright Side No Matter What.

What does Bero0q8 represent ? And also why was it called “Bero0q8” ?

It Represent Me..   A Girl   Sharing Her Own Thoughts And Writings, And BeRo0 Is My Pet Name ” Dala3 ” And I Love It ❤   So Why Not Something I Love Be Named  With What I love To Be Called By 😛 ?!

What made yo u start blogging ?

Actually, This Is One Of The Toughest Years I’ve Been Through, So I Started My Blog To Keep Myself Busy And Somehow I Discovered By Another Blogger My Love To Writing And Since Then I’m Attached To Blogging World And Writing.

Tell us more about Bero0q8

Well I Really Dunno What To Add, But ” BeRo0Q8 ” Will Always Be My Print In This Wolrd, So Hope I’l Leave A Great Memory Behinde Among Lots Of People..

Last Comments:

Really Thanks A Lot For Choosing Me Among Lots Of Amazing   Blogs.. I’m So Honored To.. And Hope i’ll Keep Doing This For As Long As I Live.. Thanks A Lot Guys.. Really Enjoyed Your Interview.

And It’s Good To Know Other Bloggers So Consider Me A New Reader To Your Blog 😀
And Wish You The Best of Luck 😀

Our Comments:

We would really like to thank Bero0q8 for her amazing blog  and espically having us interview her.


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  1. Aaaw I Feel Popular already lol jk
    Thanks a lot guys this really encourage me to do my best 😀

    Thanks again 😀

  2. haaha np, TFQ8 is here to support you, or anyone anytime anywhere, well you are popular to us =))

  3. Awwww Lordaymz This Mean A lot love you to0 bro 😀

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