Interview (Aisha Al-Qania’s Brown Diamond Chocolate)


An interview with our sponser, we wanted to show people what was “Brown Diamond Chocolate” is all about, soo…here it is 🙂

When was Brown Diamond established ?


Who founded Brown Chocolate Diamond ?

Me (Aisha Abdulatif Al-Qinai)

What does Brown Diamond Chocolate ?

Its a mixture of rich chocolate with Marshmallows and biscut. I chose the name of the “Brown Diamond Chocolate” because it reflect the same shape of the diamond and everyone loves diamond.

What inspired/started the bussiness and who/what supported Brown Diamond Chocolate ?

I used to make it to my family and friends gatherings and everyone encouraged me to start my own bussniess, plus from a long time I wanted to start my own bussniess I thought its the perfect time to start it. First supporter my husband, parents then my friends.

What is the aim/motto of your bussiness ?

I just want to share people the real meaning of chocolate. “The More You Eat .. The More You Want”


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