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Recently, I was talking to Essa on the phone (Founder of 7abitain) about, what the plan is toward our blogs. I knew Essa since were kids, we used to be friends for a long time. Then, I came up with an idea to interview him, and here it is…

7abitain, Tell us about it.

7abitain has two potenial bloggers, who are Essa [Me] & AbdulRahman. The name does not mean 7abitain as in a valgrish way, it actually mean 2 bloggers. Anyone who reads our blog, will have a big smile at the end. We talk about Kuwait and sometimes important events worldwide.

Who supported your journey through blogging ?

Blogging Community! Also, some of the bloggers helped us through our journey, like “p0ach” and varouis bloggers. We also worked really hard to achieve what we achieved. MANY THANKS TO BLOGGING COMMUNITY !

Who/What started or inspired your blog ?

The blog was inspired by a poet in Kuwait, Nouf Al-Attar, we read her poetry on her Twitter and Facebook page. She is also going to be publishing a book and starting a blog, so stay tuned. We also read blogs in Kuwait that really entertain us, and el7imdallah we achieved what we wanted.

When was your blog established ?

27 May, 2011

Essa, Tell us about yourself

Im a 17 year old man:), turning 18 on Feburary 10th. I like mostly to cook sweets, and i love playing the piano.

Last Comments:

Many thanks to The Fixtures Q8 team for our first interview, you guys really stand up for the motto: “Live The Moment, Get Your Moment”, because you helped us reach our moment. GO THE FIXTURES Q8 !!!!


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