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We were rapidly busy with this interview. We loved FroyoNation from the start, and the posts that she published was A-Amazing. This was a really long interview! Hope you enjoy it and check out the blog…

Froyo Nation tell us a short brief about yourself ?

I am an ordinary 22 year old girl who likes to try new things and share my experiences with people. I am getting my Bachelors degree of Architecture soon inshallah. I love living, and I hate routines. I am a perfectionist, and an honest person. I am quiet and have a very calm nature, although my blog shows the extreme opposite. I don’t get easily mad, and I refuse to depend on anyone just for the mere fact that I’m a girl. Those are the highlights I guess.

Who founded Froyo Nation ?

Yours truly.

When/How did the blog started?

My blog started on Feb 24, 2011. I never realized that it’s only been 7 months, it felt a lot longer. As for how the blog started, I used to read other blogs on a daily basis and there were many times where I read news that I already knew from other sources. I also liked exploring new places and restaurants so I was capable to do reviews. So I thought why not try starting a blog. I started my blog just so I could try it out and it didn’t take long until it grew into me. Now it’s a passion that I can’t leave even for a day.

What do represent to the people reading you blog ?

I’ve always wanted my blog to be a happy, fun place for both my readers and I. My posts would reflect a good mood even when I’m not really in a good one, because when I write I detach myself from whatever bothers me and hope to make my readers smile. I know it sounds cheesy but it makes you feel good when you make someone happy. *What do you hope to achieve from your blog ?* I’m currently working on taking several steps forward with my blog. I want it to grow and reach more readers. I love interacting with people and hearing different opinions.

Who/What supported Froyo Nation ?

There hasn’t been one person who let me down when I asked for support. I love the blogging community in Kuwait, and how they always embrace new-comers. It humbles me how some even offer help without me asking for it, to me they are more of a family. Even though we mostly know each other from behind the screens, but some of the people I met have earned most of my respect.

Last Comments:

I hope that anyone who reads my blog will have the same passion about it as I do. Thank you the Fixtures Q8 team for your interest in my blog and for this interview. It was really sweet of you =)


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  1. Nice Interview..
    She’s Such A sweet Heart..
    Best Of Luck For Her :*

  2. Yea, she was very insprational
    We really enjoyed having this interview with her 🙂

  3. I can’t thank you enough guys. Really enjoyed answering those questions 🙂

    Thank you so much Bero0 🙂

  4. No thank u froyo, we enjoyed interview u 🙂

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