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The Pic Says It All And Huge Changes !!


Yeeees !! We’re back…man, it feels like a year ! First off, we didnt post anything lately cuz, we had a little issues and personal stuff 🙂 Hope, you guys missed us !! 🙂

Big news people !! Alright, first off we will be doing an official trailer for the site approxmetly 6 minutes long with a special guest in it sooo plz sssshhhh *I KNOW IT SUCKS AWWW..* :p , and inshalla it will be released by the end of this year, but we will inform you !!

Next, we would like to welcome a new MEMBER & WRITER FOR OUR TEAM !! , we will not annouce the name until its official, and we hope that person and amazing oppertunity with us at TFQ8, and enjoys every moment !!

Last but not least guys, WE ALL WOULD LIKE YOU A BEST EID AL A’9HA !! AND A GREAT TIME !!

A Special Thanks (Bloggers) – That Supported and Incouraged Us !


We decided to that to give special thanks, to those bloggers that supported us, and also incourged us to blog more…thank you so much guys, and this is our special thanks, and why we’re thankful…

7abitain Blog – Best friends of ours, supporting us through out each day, and incouraging us and supporting us at every moment !

FroyoNation – A outstanding critic, reviewer, and mastermind blogger. Incourged us to do more research, and tought us the meaning of writing a review.

Q8iyaDownUnder – Outstanding blogger, shows nothing but what inspiration and passion. Helped us and incouraged us to blog more and, see how to actually write and coporate with with different talents and people and to always write about what you love.

Bero0q8 – Marvalous & one of the most creative bloggers. Has the talent to actually say whats on her mind and never backs down on what she believes in. Helped us, to believe that blogging isn’t a hobby its a talent.

Fried Junk – One of the most hilarous blogger, we have actually met. A talented blogger and a remarkable speaker therefore a great enterpenuer. Supported us in to believe in humor and laughter.

CouchAvenue (aka. Jacquie) – Awosome blogger, and a major talent, writes with major passion. Helped us, to see the best of blogging.

4RockNRollers – Great bloggers, with a writing and speech talent. Showed us, to write what you think is the best to write to those who wants to read what you write.

Shesalfa – A remarkable blogger and an OMG talent is desgining ! Supported us, in many ways, and also showed us, what you write about reflects you, and what you think about effects you.

the2RK8 – Creative writer and a remarkable talent is reviewing. Showed us, to have fun in blogging, and to love what you do.

7ajiDude – Amazing bloggers, with the talents to show what they love. Showed us, that having to write what you think is best, will be the best !

HisHersQ8 – Passionate and very inspirational bloggers. Showed us, that inspiring to do something, is much as loving to do something.

These bloggers, thought us many things and showed us how to face many obstecales. These bloggers are close to out hearts and always will be !! Thank You so much guy!!

Random Lookover (YouTube Headquarter) !


I was doing a random research about the YouTube Headquarters, till I found out it was pretty neat & cool. Located in San Bruno, California the history of YouTube was that it was founded by a PayPal employee in 2004 then was sold to Google Inc. in 2006. The headquarter is fully red & white interior with their very own YouTube Cafe.



Before, this building YouTube headquarters was first at over a Pizzaria, at the time that YouTube was founded ! The best thing about YouTube Headquarter is the YouTube Studio, that handles interviews, channels etc.



One day, I will hopefully take a visit to YouTube Headquarters, and take a couple of pics myself 🙂 Take a look on a short video tour below…

Screw Up of The Day: Search For Who !


15% of short sided people won’t be able to realize who are the one’s in the picture. Test your sight, with this brain teaser !

Marie Claire Kuwait: Interviews Kim Kardashian


This is the most latest gossip, we have heard recently from various bloggers. That one of the most spectacular women magazine Marie Claire Kuwait, is interviewing Kim Kardashian !

This is a great story to read for those Marie Claire addicts & lovers, when it comes out. Cuz, who doesn’t love reading about Kim Kardashian 🙂

Anniversary: Chocolate Bar Spoons


Today is the anniversary of Chocolate Bar opening of Spoons !!

We would like to congratulate Chocolate Bar, for their anniversary and hope them the best regards ! – TFQ8

Digumz: Rent Your Electronic Games



Digumz, rent electronic games online a get it home delivered to you directly to your house. You can rent games for Wii, X-Box & Playstation etc.

It’s 15 KD per month, plus with that you are able to rent for a over 30 games, throughout your subscription.

For More Info:
Please Visit: Digumz

Is Da Dude (Kadafi) Dead ?!

I just saw this on the news, that Kadafi is dead, but they arent exactly sure. They say that he might have died in a operation in his leg or something, some say it was an assisnation attempt some say he might have died during the operation.


Our question is…”Is da dude died ?”

McFalafel in Isreal: Unsuccessful



We heard from Kumail+, that there was a “McFalafel” in Isreal. I never knew there was actually a McFalafel. But, it turns out that it was unsuccessful in Isreal and was removed from the menu.

Awesome App (Since Wii Sports): Flick Champs !


This game is my next “Wii Sports”, it just like “Wii Sports”, but an iPod/iPhone/iPad version. This game really take off your boredom, while playing it. The game is called “Flick Champions” and its available at the AppStore for $0.99 and for the HD version it’s $2.99. Guys, its worth it, I really do recommend you guys to check it out for those sports lovers. It’s a great game 🙂