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Interview (4RockNRollers) Blog

We met Omar on twitter and asked him to conduct this rocking interview with him. We had fun interviewing him and hope that you will enjoy it as much as we did.

Why/How/When did you start your blog ?

One day my friend Meshari and I were surfing the internet and I told him: Meshari I want to do something big online, and he said great let’s search for something. We searched till we made a blog called 4rockNrollers, on February 16th 2010.

What does 4rockNrollers represent ?

We were 4 authors and we all loved rock and roll music, so we named it 4rockNrollers. It also represents:
1- Friendship
2- Positivity
3- Fun
4- Music

Who/What supported 4rockNrollers ?

Many bloggers have supported us but the most support we got is from HisHersQ8 and I thank them a lot for it. THANK YOU HISHERSQ8!

What do you h ope to achieve from the blog ?

Our main point is to draw a smile on people’s faces, and I hope that we accomplished it in the past two years of blogging.

What do you represent to your readers ?

I want our blog to be A happy, positive place. Even if I was in A bad mood or something, i wouldn’t post about it because I don’t want to let our readers down. I’m currently thinking of new things to add to 4rockNrollers, I want everyone who visits my blog to like it so I try to post about everything I love and let the other authors do it too.

Who would you like to thank ?

First I would like to thank The Fixtures Q8 Blog for this amazing interview, it’s my first and I had a lot of fun. Also i’d like to thank all my amazing readers who I like to call them “rockers” because they stood up with me all this time, they’re amazing!, I thank allah everyday for having such great friends, YES they’re my friends, family! 😛

Last Comments:

Blogging is my passion, our blog means everything to me and i’ll do anything to keep it No.1. It’s just the beginning and there is many more to come inshallah!,  I hope that you’d enjoy going to my blog and haven’t took it to far in talking, I hope you liked this interview.. well I know you liked it *Ahem* Jk Jk 😛