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We met Q8iyaDownUnder on the very beginning. We found a hularouis post on Botamba which we started to cruise her blog. We followed her on twitter and became blog friends ever since. And now we interviewed her, we really enjoyed interviewing her and hope she does to. Here it is…

When/Why was Q8iyaDownUnder founded ?

Q8iyadownunder was founded not long ago (on the 5 th of july ) I’ve always had a passion for writing and one day I was of july ) I’ve always had a passion for writing and one day I was Q8iyadownunder was founded not long ago (on the 5 reading a post on HisHersQ8 about blogging which inspired me to start my own. My mum also pushed me to start a blog as well. They said it was better than me being lazy and spending most of my time flicking through the T.V ….. I guess she’s right about that *laughs*

Who supported you through your blogging journey ?

My mum was the only one that supported me at first, my brothers and sisters thought blogging was only for losers! Dad was totally against it, he said that some people would get offended on my opinions that I would post about. But now since I’ve been blogging for a few months, they actually seem to like it, both my brother and sister are always searching for stuff for me to blog about while dad often checks out my blog and gives me positive comments about it 😀

Why “Q8iyaDownUnder” what started that name ?

Well im a Q8iya living Downunder (refers to Australia) when I was a child my family moved to Australia for the purpose of getting better education and since then we just cannot be apart from Australia, we grew up there as a family and became so and then to visit family who live there and catch up on what we missed but I never regretted my families decision to live in Australia. i really love the fact that i got to discover both different culture, Australian and Kuwaiti which made me value other peoples beliefs and traditions even more.

What do you represent to you readers (Like us huge fans :p) ?

Awwww thank you, im also a huge fan of your blog as well 😀 I try to write posts that both men and women would like. Some of them include tourist destinations in Australia for Kuwaitis giving them reviews about places that I go to, others include funny YouTube videos, pictures, and latest news in Kuwait….since I don’t live in Kuwait I let my cousins or friends living there tell me shako mako fel deraa 😀 my blog represents
1. Positivity
2. Fun
3. And most importantly Different cultures

What do you hope to achieve from your blog ?

I would like people to take advantage from my blog and inshallah it would help them. I want it to also be a place where people come to just to enjoy…. A positive, happy place 😀 😀

Who would you like to thank mostly ?

So far my blogging journey has been great and I have everyone to thank. This includes my twitter friends, my fellow bloggers and my blog readers but most importantly HisHersQ8 which inspired me to make my own blog, love you guys ❤

Last Comments :

I thank you guys for interviewing me, it was my first interview and has been a great experience. I still consider myself a blog virgin but hopefully I would learn more about the blogging world and inshallah my blog would grow and become well known =D


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  1. she has a rlly gr8 blog =D


  3. barouk ur so sweet, you really are 😀
    thank you for your lovely comment ❤

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