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Bloggers Gathering: Awesome Night!

Today, at Think Cafe there was bloggers gathering, which we explained about yesterday. We had lots of fun meeting, varouis bloggers like 4RockNRollers, Fried Junk, 2RK8 & MisterYou, and also our sponser Brown Diamond Chocolate. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening, we really had so much fun. We look forward to meeting you next time. Also we really wanted to meet some other bloggers, but they were not available likeBero0q8, 7ajiDude & FroyoNation. Wish you guys could of come, it would be such an honor to to meet you 🙂 We would also like to thank Bloggers Gathering, for an awesome presentation and event!



Apple Introducing: iCloud


The iCould is a service available on the iPhone 4S. iCloud allows you to store your media wirelessly to your Mac, iPad, iPod or even PC. You know what, why don’t we let the video explain:)

Friends : On Funoon !

I was cruising through channels, until something caught my eye. I spotted FRIENDS ON FUNOON ! At first I was like “No way..serouisly :p” . It was a shocker but amazingly cool. Cuz, usually Funoon presents arabic series, but now Funoon is actually amazing for presenting Friends !!


Steve Jobs (1955-2011)


Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple Inc. was annouced dead earlier today at the age of 56.
The visionary, died peacefully around his friends and family. Steve Wozniak, the childhood friend of Steve Jobs and the Founder of Apple Inc. qouted “We’ve lost something, we will never get back” with an interview with The Associated Press.
Steve Jobs, an Idol, Titan and a Visionary will be dearly missed by million of fans worldwide.

More info: Apple Inc.