Daily Archives: October 12, 2011

Ya Man Be Humble !


Dont you just love Bob Marley and Jamacian music ? Their passion in what they do and in their music. I randomly got interasted in Bob Marley’s music for no reason, but to think of it its actually pretty relaxing. Bob Marley’s music is one of the main reasons Rn’B and Soul music are what they are today. Like his top hit song “Three Little Birds”, explains how you should “No worries bout a thing, cuz every little thing is gonna be alright”, it makes ya humble man. Just take the weekend off with a little Bob Marley to ya ears man, enjoy it with some little calmness.



[By: Q8iyaDownUnder] Her Favoraite Blogs


I saw this marvalous/specatcular art work by Q8iyaDownUnder, of her favoraite Kuwaiti Blogs. And we are massivly hounred that we are one of her favoraite blogs. This amazing artwork, is truely inspiring and out of all…and I say that again AMAZING !!

Best of Luck and Thank You so much for also my favoraite blog 🙂 Q8iyaDownUnder.