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Interview (Eden Jungle) Blog


We found out about Eden Jungle a couple of weeks ago, we never check out her blog but until now. Her blog is a marvalous work, she takes about from gossip till fashion, from fashion till celebrity news. So, we decided to interview her, so people could check out her amazing work…Here it is

What does Eden Jungle blog represent to its readers ?

My Blog represent Luxury in all it way’s , from fashion, celebrity Gossip, Music to car’s and gadgets you will find it all , it also represent fine Art & beautiful photography, its a site for positiveness & Enjoying a daily guilty pleasure ,  in a simple way it represent’s me and what I enjoy on a daily basis. We got Something for Everyone, it’s a unisex site.

When was the blog established ?

Its was established on, 20/4/2009, its a 2 years blog. Its still my baby & Im proud of it.

Why “Eden’s Jungle” what started that name ?

Actually its used to be called Lipstick Jungle Eden , for 2 years it was lipstick jungle Eden , until I decided to skip the lipstick and stick with the Eden’s jungle , Eden is a garden and never a jungle , it’s a conflict , plus Eden Lords is my alter ego , So Eden to me is not a garden , it’s a jungle  , and I’v always had the name Eden’s jungle in the back of my head, so now its Eden’s jungle . Eden Lords means something to me , plus lipstick jungle is a favorite TV show of mine , I mixed them both and Got the best Result Ever.

Who/What helped support you though building your blog ?

My sister was the biggest supporter to my blog , she waited for my posts and always asked me for more , what made  go for my posts and always asked me for more , what made  go on is her encouragement, and telling me that there is no blog like mine and she enjoys checking it out everyday. she really helped me a lot. helped me a lot. what helped through the whole process of Eden’s jungle is The support of my sister.

What inspired you the most into starting a blog ?

I have always wanted a Blog/site like mine but never found one , never found a site that combined all the things I like and loved in one Place , I had to visit a variety of Sites and and loved in one Place , I had to visit a variety of Sites and Wait for Some of the Heavy sites to load, It made me frustrated so I decided to do something I want and would like, and I did .

Tell us more about you

Biggest JLO fan You will Ever meet Vogue Reader Book Lover Kings of Leon Addict Diet Freak , always dieting and afraid of gaining weight. thank god I have a healthy Weight or else I will go Mad LOL. Fashionista Passionate a bout Art That’s about it I guess.

Last Comments:

Thank you so much for the Lovely Support , I really Hope people Enjoy my site/blog and Spread the word about it . Again thank you for giving me a chance to express myself and my blog/site. xoxo Eden Jungle