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Interview (Mistir You) Blog


Mistir You, a great blog, they came to us to see if we we’re available to do an interview with them. We first met the founders was in the Blogger Gathering. So, we accepted to conduct an interview with them and hope you like it …

What started “Mister You” blog?

Our passion and drive that we have for the things we love.

Who founded the blog ?

Mr.R & Mr.M

Who supported you through building the Mister You blog ?

Our friends & families.

Why “Mister You”, why that name ?

We want you to feel that this blog is all about YOU and how you can enjoy life with luxury and amazement! The mis-spelling with the 2 I’s is to ensure every reader that the blog is not only for us to write but for him/her to read and enjoy.

What does your blog represent to your readers and what is about mostly ?

Our blog is all about experiencing life! One of the moto’s that we always want not only readers but everyone to keep in mind is; One day your life will flash before your eyes… Make sure it’s worth watching. So basically have fun in life because its just too short to think about each and every thing you do!

What inspired you the most about blogging ?

Sending a message of living life to its most. Writing and our other passions such as travel, food, and experiencing life to its max. Life is not always negative, it actually can be very positive

What could we possibly see more from “Mister You” in the near future ?

Well we wont spill out that but you may check the sub-new section called ” Series ” . YOU WILL LOVE 🙂

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All of you guys have a great day! 🙂


iPhone 4S Prices in Kuwait !! … Wait What The (Beep) ??!!


COME ON !! Serouisly ??! These prices are extremly indispute ! I mean guys, look at the prices difference, these arent prices these are tech madness !!

LooooooL the part with .900fils part (serouisly wtf ? is this a some sort of a joke !).

Say no more…


Zain: Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness


We heard from varouis bloggers in kuwait just recently, and a special thanks to Pink Girl Q8 about Zain supporting the breast cancer awareness.


Zain, just recently spot lighted the their building to show their appreciation to the Breast Cancer Awareness. This is an oppertunity for people to also support the campign.


In our prevouis post we metioned and talked, about the breast cancer awarenss, so please guys support the women/ladies that are facing breast cancer and please THINK PINK !


Screw Up of The Day: Jesus “Follow Me”


LOL! I never thought he actually got twitter. Not till I had to actually describe that he didn’t mean twitter:p

[Discussion]X-Games: Divine Sport..Dontcha Think ?

Long since, we actually started a new discussion. But, we got an exciting one for those car sports lovers. Thank to Q8 Stig that inspired us to write about this topic. We gonna talk about the Rally Sports/X-Games today and hope you enjoy it 🙂


Alright, so many kids and guys in Kuwait at the age of 10+ love car sports weither watching it or playing video games like “Need For Speed”, “Forza” and my favoraite ofcourse “Gran Turismo 5”, this is because its a marvalous sport/game to see, “But to these sport you got to have cuition and getting the right gear for these type of sports or you might end up like this ..”- Message To The Kids…


Winter 16th X-Games, in Aspen, is a die for waiting !! It will be on January 26-29, and of course the top star of the X-Games Shawn White the snowboarding X-Games gold medalist will be there !



The X-Games get your adrenaline pumping out ! Just like the pervouis ones X-Games Rally, when Subaru and Citroen won the title. Guys, you have to you just have to, watch the X-Games in January if you really love the meaning of sports !!:)