[Discussion]X-Games: Divine Sport..Dontcha Think ?

Long since, we actually started a new discussion. But, we got an exciting one for those car sports lovers. Thank to Q8 Stig that inspired us to write about this topic. We gonna talk about the Rally Sports/X-Games today and hope you enjoy it 🙂


Alright, so many kids and guys in Kuwait at the age of 10+ love car sports weither watching it or playing video games like “Need For Speed”, “Forza” and my favoraite ofcourse “Gran Turismo 5”, this is because its a marvalous sport/game to see, “But to these sport you got to have cuition and getting the right gear for these type of sports or you might end up like this ..”- Message To The Kids…


Winter 16th X-Games, in Aspen, is a die for waiting !! It will be on January 26-29, and of course the top star of the X-Games Shawn White the snowboarding X-Games gold medalist will be there !



The X-Games get your adrenaline pumping out ! Just like the pervouis ones X-Games Rally, when Subaru and Citroen won the title. Guys, you have to you just have to, watch the X-Games in January if you really love the meaning of sports !!:)


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