Daily Archives: October 20, 2011

Is Da Dude (Kadafi) Dead ?!

I just saw this on the news, that Kadafi is dead, but they arent exactly sure. They say that he might have died in a operation in his leg or something, some say it was an assisnation attempt some say he might have died during the operation.


Our question is…”Is da dude died ?”


McFalafel in Isreal: Unsuccessful



We heard from Kumail+, that there was a “McFalafel” in Isreal. I never knew there was actually a McFalafel. But, it turns out that it was unsuccessful in Isreal and was removed from the menu.

Awesome App (Since Wii Sports): Flick Champs !


This game is my next “Wii Sports”, it just like “Wii Sports”, but an iPod/iPhone/iPad version. This game really take off your boredom, while playing it. The game is called “Flick Champions” and its available at the AppStore for $0.99 and for the HD version it’s $2.99. Guys, its worth it, I really do recommend you guys to check it out for those sports lovers. It’s a great game 🙂


“MORE”..of what ?? THIS SONG !

Marina FM 88.8, puts the best songs ever, just to get you in the right mood.


I was in the car listening to Marina FM then an Usher song came on, which was amazing !! I didnt know what it was called till I asked a friend he told it was called More by Usher. Im not really a fan of Usher but this song is great.


This song is apperently a 2 months old or something, but I got to admite, its worth the listen 🙂 The video is right below…