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Anne Hathaway — Engadged !


Well, read the title !! One question..why does news travel soo slow these days ?!! Anyhow…congrates to her and Adam Shulman 😀

ChromeBook: G’Bye Mac !


These days keeps getting better and better ! First the Eee Pad, now THIS ! Love the hawt Samsung look…Well, you might love Apple, I ain’t dissing, but apshh Apple got owned by this and the android *Yes..yes, I still love Steve and Apple products (show offs *jk love ya guys…I mean jeez cant a guy joke for once*;p)…. !

Interview (N’s Fashion) Blog


A fashion guru, a remarkable writer, a outstanding poet…N’s Fashion

If you a fashion lover, and just love everything about it…follow her at her twitter blog @FashionNs.

What made you blogging ?

The first thing, that made me start start a fashion blog was, I used to watch Michelle Phen & Kandy Johnson and other fashion gurus on YouTube…and another person who inspired me to start my own twitter is Lab8. And being inspired by fashion and fashion artists..I’m a fashionohlic..also some sort of a nerd 🙂

What is the aim of N’s Fashion ?

My aim is to support, my favorite fashion brands.

What does N’ Fashion represent ?

I show the things that I get, such as shoes, bags, clothes…but mostly I review makeup products, such as brushes, and other makeup. And what I show, I tend to review people reactions.

Why did you name it “N’s Fashion” ?

Well…N is me Nouf and Fashion is obviously fashion itself…

What do hope to achieve from this ?

I want to start a V-log later on, in the upcoming future, I wanna be a reviewer for makeup brands, but my ultra-dream is to publish a book one day..and I wanna work in the co-operate world 🙂

Who would you like to thank, for the support ?

I would you’d like to mention my twitter followers:
@M25ER582, @Ladyb_q8, @LU_Loliko & @3weshg

Last Comment:

I would like to thank your amazing blog, and all the support, thank my lovely followers and fashionistas. Lastly, I would like to congratulate @Nawara21 for winning in my contest “MAC Gold Bornzer Powder”.

Twitter Blog: @FashionNs

Don’t Get HTML5 ?

HTML5 is actually a pretty awesome programming-script ! In the new version of HTML there are new elements to full-fill your site to MAX. There are new elements available, new attributes, full CSS3 web designing, video and audio support, 2D & 3D graphics including elements for animation, and web application support (THIS IS PRETTY COOL). 

Learn HTML5 from head to toe at W3Schools.



Scrum in Walmart on Black Friday

That’s alot of traffic in ONE STORE!!

Lovin’ Google Chrome Store !

Google Chrome, my personal favorite browser ! And just recently, I started to love the Chrome Store, which A-Amazing guys ! I started to download almost everything in there ! I’m mean guys u got Angry Birds & Plants vs. Zombies,  downloadable !

Okk, I just recently downloaded some apps..And STILL GOING !! Guys you should try it out, these are what I personally downloaded as for now …

Coming Soon: The Expendables 2


YEA BOII ! They are back !! And this time almost “Every Action Hero” stars in this part…well personally I didn’t like the 1st movie, and I got a feeling this one well be “OFF THE CHART”.

New comers are, Chuck Norris ? LOOL what ?, I thought that guy, quit or also Van Damme is in there…you know what just check the pic ! 😀

Kuwait B-Boys: Break Dance

I saw this on Mark’s (248am) blog and thought is was pretty cool..which obviously was and posted it on my own…check this out!

Zain’s Commercial: Collect Call

LMFAO…It was on TV last night and it freaking hilarious…A MUST WATCH !

CAPS ON Carnival @ GUST

It’s Time To Unleash Your Creativity, it’s time to put your caps on photography, painting, drawing, crafting, designing, knitting or even cooking. this is the carnival where you reveal it all the C.A.P.S On Carnival at GUST!

Click – Art – Perform – Sing
on the 14th-15th of December

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