Education: BrainPOP – The More You Know, The More You Know !


BrainPOP is the most amazing, educational resource I have ever encountered. At first, my younger brother, showed me this website, the BrainPOP site, I was really amazed and interested about what they had. They video they present are available, for classes (3rd Grade & Going), and talk about a variety of different topics including blogs. The videos are really fun to watch. Eventually, I found the app on the iPad from the AppStore that you could download for free.


As you can see I installed it 🙂 That app itself is also useful, and really easy to use. It’s not only easy to use but, also portable, so you could carry it with you at all times. Here are some screenshots I took from the app…




I really recommend you guys to really check it out. It’s pretty amazing..talks about everything. It’s extremely useful for children and also young teens, not only that, it’s FUN. THE MORE YOU KNOW, THE MORE YOU KNOW !

Here is a presentation to show you what BrainPOP is all about…


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