Hawt (For Ladies): Hermes Designs


Hermes, are a big hit for the ladies in Kuwait nowadays !! I mean I kept hearing about Hermes and such from varouis people. So…I decided to write about it.
I checked out many if their designs, at Hermes site. They got handbags, slippers, scarfs etc.


So, I asked and survey a couple  of people, what interasts them so much in Hermes. Mostly, they said that, “The handbags are unique, and exquisit designs”…”Simply Zmexy” LOOOL;p so, where do you get Hermes ? “There isn’t any retailers in Kuwait unfortantly nor do they sell them online, so once we travel thats the only way that we simply get a hold of them”.


I got, mostly everything that I could get, why do women and ladies like it. Why dont you tell us yourself, if your a Hermes lover, by leaving a comment 🙂


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  1. I’m crazy about Hermes handbags too! Well, it is because they are extremely famous, expensive and unique handbags. The design is very structured, the materials and types of leathers used for these bags are expensive, classy types of leathers.In addition, The colours are very very attractive.

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