Oldest (Known) Blog In Kuwait: QHate


Started in early 2003 on Feburary, at the time, when the US was invading Iraq. QHate started as a originally regular blog by four individual bloggers known as, Nibaq, Rampurple, Mark & OilRig, but due to the miscomfortation in Kuwait of the war in Iraq, it turned into a “War Blog” reporting about the live of people in Kuwait during the invasion. The blog talked about what they loved and hated about Kuwait. But the blog dramatically & origanally ended in the end of 2003 after the war ended, the writers lost their interast in the blog and one by one stopped writing.

Writers Stories:

Nibaq:a blogger of his own and the creator of QHate, after Qhate ended, he started his own personal blog know as 2by4, which ended in the mid-2009. He also created Kuwait Blogs.

Mark: as we all know him as 248am & 248pm now. Mark also started his own photo blog for 365 days known Miskan after Qhate ended.


OilRig We wern’t able to find any information..

RamPurple Had a personal blog called “Rampurple” but was soon closed.

This is a tribute, to QHate and the writers of the blog !


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