Review: Milk Cafe (Milky, Oh Yes)


Today, me and 7abitainBlog took the chance and reviewed Milk Cafe.

We ordered the “Buffallo Mozzarella”, “Goat Cheese & Pesto” with the “Master Salad which was a remarkable and outstanding, and really enjoyed the meal, it was a great light dinner. The cafe, is great for an early breakfast, lat brunch or even for a light dinner meal, what I loved about the place was that, it was quite, the service was amazing, and did not have that much traffic, the place is really relaxing to eat at !!

Here are the pics of our delicous dinner and meals, which we really enjoyed …




After, the amazing dinner I had the, “Raspberry Frozen Yougart” with garnola, banana and caramel, its was really light and smooth taste, that will blow your mind !


Here is also a couple of the pictures of the indoor …



Here is a photo of the menu…


The staff…


The outdoor banner…


The Location of Milk:
Next to Seif Palace in Sharq !

Follow them on Twitter: @Milk_Kw


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