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A fashion guru, a remarkable writer, a outstanding poet…N’s Fashion

If you a fashion lover, and just love everything about it…follow her at her twitter blog @FashionNs.

What made you blogging ?

The first thing, that made me start start a fashion blog was, I used to watch Michelle Phen & Kandy Johnson and other fashion gurus on YouTube…and another person who inspired me to start my own twitter is Lab8. And being inspired by fashion and fashion artists..I’m a fashionohlic..also some sort of a nerd 🙂

What is the aim of N’s Fashion ?

My aim is to support, my favorite fashion brands.

What does N’ Fashion represent ?

I show the things that I get, such as shoes, bags, clothes…but mostly I review makeup products, such as brushes, and other makeup. And what I show, I tend to review people reactions.

Why did you name it “N’s Fashion” ?

Well…N is me Nouf and Fashion is obviously fashion itself…

What do hope to achieve from this ?

I want to start a V-log later on, in the upcoming future, I wanna be a reviewer for makeup brands, but my ultra-dream is to publish a book one day..and I wanna work in the co-operate world 🙂

Who would you like to thank, for the support ?

I would you’d like to mention my twitter followers:
@M25ER582, @Ladyb_q8, @LU_Loliko & @3weshg

Last Comment:

I would like to thank your amazing blog, and all the support, thank my lovely followers and fashionistas. Lastly, I would like to congratulate @Nawara21 for winning in my contest “MAC Gold Bornzer Powder”.

Twitter Blog: @FashionNs


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  1. A vlog seems like a very cool idea and im already a fan of the blog and love your tweets ^-^
    thanks salem for the interview, loved reading it

  2. Wish you all the best both Noufa & Salem

    Keep up the good work ..

    You guys rock !

  3. Thanks guys..for spreading these words 🙂

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