Wealthist Company Owned by A Kuwaiti Teenager – Yousef Khuraibut


Alright…this story blew many people off…this story of one man, one idea, a BILLION dollars success, this is Yousef’s Khuraibut extravegance story.
Yousef Khuraibut a 17 year old Kuwaiti, and the founding president of Brotips™. I have talked about, brotips in prevouis posts, and also did some research and also contacted Yousef myself via email he was generous to explain the whole story. When Yousef was a kid, he used to move from one place to another from..Canada, US, Jordan, Moracco, Kuwait and UK, he came up with many idea’s including coming up (co-founded) one of the most largest music indusrtries “Make Smart Cool” via Prince Ea. Let me talk about the Brotips and its story more…Brotips (If you have read it my prevouis posts), is a site, that gives advices to teenagers and young adults, and currently moving worldwide, including India, South Africa, Japan, UK, US, Canada as so on…the biggest news about that is just recently Mark Cuban the owner of the basketball team Dallas Mavericks, invested a $1Billion in Yousef’s account and company. So that officailly means, that Yousef is the wealthist Kuwaiti teenager.

External Sources: 248am & Huffington Post


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