Facebook Lawsuit Against Mark Zuckerburg ?

Your probably thinking “WTF?”.. but don’t worry its not thee Mark Zuckerburg (The Founder of Facebook), there is this guy who changed his name from Rotem Guez to “Mark Zuckerburg”, claiming he’s the real.. “Mark Zuckerburg”. You could also check out his site MarkZuckerBurgOfficial, The “new guy’ wrote an email, to the Huffington Post saying “Nope, its not a joke, I am the real Mark Zuckerburg”…well, I have nothing to say about this but “WTF?

Lets see what “Zuckerburg” (then again not the real one) has to say about this ?

Facebook decided to sue me after I myself, filed a law suit against them, in Israel. i wanted that once they sue me, they’ll face suing “Mark Zuckerberg”. Facebook accused me of selling ficticious “Likes”, which is not true, our “Likes” come from real users who want to receive our content, and instead of paying us with money, they pay us with “Likes”. The idea was, if only “Mark Zuckerberg” is allowed to sell likes, then for that matter, I’m “Mark Zuckerberg”.

This is the video, where he was changing his name..


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