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Snoring Mouse

LOL! sssshhh…you might wanna be quite an turn up the volume !!

Auston Martin V12 Zagato Debut In Kuwait

Aston Martin V12 Zagato Picture

The first production Auston Martin will make it’s debut in the mid-February at the Kuwait Concours d’Elegance. The car was first appeared as a concept in Villa D’Este Concours, Italy. To be honest it cool that the first debut will be here in Kuwait…CANT MISS THAT ONE AY !

Spring Consumer Festival


The Kuwait International Fair welcomes the Consumer Festival. Featuring gifts, home accessories, design and lifestyle products, handicraft and art objects. A section dedicated to toys and games entertains the little ones, making the event suitable for the whole family.  Don’t miss it !

WHERE: The International Kuwait Fair

WHEN: 9-18 february

TIME: Sat.-Thurs. 9:30am – 1pm & 5pm- 9:30pm; Fri. 5pm -10pm

Kuwait International Boat Show

The Kuwait International Boat show is held at Fahaheel Waterfront, Al-Kout. The Kuwait International Boat Show is a showcase for all types of sailing equipment, from yachts and boats to engines and other marine accessories. The luxury show is visited by more than 16,000 sailing enthusiasts. Sounds fun !

WHEN: March 2012 (annual)

WHERE:Al-Kout, International Boat Show

TIME: 4pm-10pm

52 Degrees: I Wish Ad

An amazing ad by 52 Degrees about the first Kuwaiti Reality Show coming soon on AlWatan TVCANT WAIT !

7amed Al Saleem vs. Audi R8

This video is a huge shocker ! 7amed Al Saleem Kuwait National Track & Field player and a Parkour Free against an  Audi R8 !

Mood Song: I’m Arab And I Love It !

I saw this via FroyoNation  and was like *wait what* 😀 .. that’s a must see as soon the song was playing it was like *Shuffl’n Time* LOL!. Hilarious song to set the mood for ya !!

Shout Out: Taco Bell’s New Box !

I’m in love with taco’s.. especially TACO BELL’s…and I just heard about their new box coming out tomorrow, a huge shout out to them and their out-of-the-world delicious taco’s and the new box…AY DON”T JUDGE ME THAT I”M IN LOVE WITH TACO’s LOL! 


Follow Them Now: @TacoBellKuwait

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Pic of The Day: Apple & Africa

I found this on a friend’s tweet earlier just know. The pic really interested me, so I decided to put this up for some reason.



Gulf Run Car Show @ 360 Mall

Featured on & By: WataniyaTelecome YouTube Channel