Interview with Fahad Al Ibrahim (Enterpenuer/Blogger)

Fahad Al Ibrahim, a enterpenuer, blogger, app developer of one of the most remarkable Blog@ App Aggregator…(Available at the AppStore) if your a fan of Kuwait Blogs or GCC ones…then you have to check it out. I have been amazed by many of Fahad’s work ! And did this quick interview…which was even more remarkable…READ IT !

Fahad, talk to us !

I’m a CBA – Kuniv. graduate majoring in marketing .. An entrepreneur (in progress) [ co-owner of EZGRT.Com with Omarker ] .. A Jr.Blogger at [ ] .. And a Jr.Developer [Blog@ app]

We are major fans of your work, and the Blog@ app. Tell the story of your work.

It started with an awsome app “kuwait blogs” it used to be my Fav app in the iPhone .. Unfortunately with updates it became unusable .. So it created a (need) for a new app.. During this time I was learning how to create an app (still learning) .. Until I felt I’m capable of creating an app .. I released an app called “jarayed” then I created “blog@” to fill that (need)  So basicly I created it for my self mostly :p

We hear of upcoming futher “Blog@Projects” what are they ?

Yes, I’m planning on releasing three new apps this year ..
1- Blog@: Picks ( new features: Picks Feed and instaBlog@ )
2- Blog@: GCC
3- Vlog@

Your a blogger in Elderwza ! Tell
about the blogging life of yours !

Blogging is my new hobby and as I said before I consider my self as a Jr.blogger still I need a lot to learn to be considered a blogger .. And I’m lucky to be part of family to support me .-

Three, things ONLY, what would you add or remove in the blogging world ?!

1- I would love to see Kuwaiti blogs match the international ones like (Engadget , life+times , and mashable) .

2- I would like to see more specialized blogs like eb6anyia and q8stig but of course in different areas:)

3- I would love to see more bloggers reference each other if they took or found a post and reposted it in their blog even international ones

In your own belief, what do you thinkis the major parts in blogging ?

I think to be a good blogger, simply you need to be yourself

Last Comments: Thank you for the lovely interview (ya36eek al3afyia) :p


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  1. Thanks for the interview 🙂

  2. Lovely short interview 😛 Unlike ba3th el nas *me looks around for a mirror :P*

    La bs jad ya36ek el 3afya Fahad 😀 And job well done! 😀

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