Is “Windows 8” Hawter Then “Mac OS X Lion”?

I’ve been looking for the latest “Windows 8 OS“, and found out some interesting stuff about it. Windows 8 soon to be released late this year..and it’s already making headlines..the 8 OS is based is based on a new Metro style outlook+faster then ever. The operating system is designed for a touchscreen need to worry, you guys still could install it into you laptops/desktops (I GUESS) 😛

I tried comparing it with the “Mac OS X Lion“, I couldn’t really.. they are both so amazing in many ways, including the speed and the outlook of both of the OS’s..But I’ll leave you to decide. I always loved Mac and it’s stability as well that because most of Mac computer are 6-8GB RAM which is like “super-speed”, In the other had Windows carries this “professional design” , which makes them great working at projects/work/business, well that is in my point of view 😀


Windows 8


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  1. Most macs comes with 4GB memory … not 6

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