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Music Video of The Day: Lil’ Wayne ft. Bruno Mars (Mirror)

Since the songs release I just couldn’t stop repeating it !! LOVE THE SONG…THE MUSIC VIDEO IS A-AMAZING !! Love it more, cuz it got the blog’s colors !! 😀

VEVO HD: Watch Your Favorite Music Videos HD on iPad !

This is basically my favorite music app on the iPad. Thanks to Omar from 4RockN’Rollers that introduced me to Lana Del Ray songs, I’ve been trying to look for her music videos..the only way I could was this app ! This app basically has almost every music video you’d want to see ! VEVO does not only shows you music video’s in HD but also shows Behind the Scenes of a music video and Concerts/Tours happening around !! I’m a huge fan to listening to music on o a daily basis !! This app is soo cool, amazing, and you should really take a look at it if your looking for a specific music video !!

Brotips Swag Shop: NOW LIVE

Brotips swag shop is now live…get you tips wearable !! Are you a fan of Brotips ?? The swag shop now offers you to purchase shirts with your favorite Brotips tips ! An industry founded by a 17 year old Kuwaiti, Yousef Khuraibut, his brother Bader Khuraibut and Dominic Barfield !

Online Shop [Link]

PAWS 7th Annual Dog Show: Registration Now Open !

Here is the time agian, for the most wonderful PAW annual dog show. Registration is now open to join the dog show. The dog show will be held in the gardens of the British Embassy on the 9th of March from 11-4 pm. Do not miss the most wonderful go show around..get your dog registered now !

For More Details [Link]

Registration [Link]

People That Inspired Me: Shaun Parker

Profession: Entrepreneur (Technology Industry)

Career Overview: Founder of Napster. Co-Founder of Plaxo, Airtime & Causes. Founding President of Facebook. Board of Director of Spotify and Yammer.

Shaun Parker a genius in the technology businesses industry in the modern time !

Dr. Suess: The Lorax COMING SOON !

Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss classic !! After “Horton Hears A Who” which was hilariously funny…DONT JUDGE MEE :3 anywhoo…well I have read “The Lorax” in my toddler age..and just loved reading it after “Green Eggs And Ham“. In this upcoming movie, its going to be starring by Danny DeVito as the lorax, Zac Efron and Taylor Swift. COMING MARCH !


The Most Zexiest Elevator

The elevator at the AquaDom in Berlin travels up the middle of the 82-foot tall aquarium. (Caro/Alamy)

Most zexiest elevator that one point…the second point is that its an elevator in an Aquarium !! Well, this piece of beauty is located at the AquaDom in Berlin, Germany and travels up 82 feet that is really low for a WOW elevator, but nevertheless this is daum zexy. Hit me up, if anyone actually see this !!! 😀

FLASH MOB IN KUWAIT !! (Avenues Mall)

OMG yaaaaaaaaaay..the thing that most of us we’re waiting for A FLASH MOB HERE IN KUWAIT ! The video is soo cool…must check it out !!

Via: The Dusty Co.

Mariam Erzouqi: Kuwaiti Female Qualified For London Olympic Games

p9a Kuwaiti Mariam Erzouqi to represent country in 2012 London Olympic Games   Success in sight for female shooter

Mariam Erzouqi, a young Kuwaiti women had been qualified for the London Olympics 2012, representing Kuwait in Shooting (Air Rifle Field). At a young age Mariam played all kinds of sports, including gymnastics, volleyball and much more. All the best to Mariam, with her amazing dream and goal !

[Source-Read More]

Hala February ;p

This Hala Febrayer festival is a mixture of entertainment and cultural events. Draped in thousands of colourful lights, the city puts on art shows, concerts, children’s activities and even a yacht race. Families head off to el.barr, Chalets and Khairan. Kids, teens AND adults, spray foam everywhere and listen to old arabic songs.  Its our own kind of kuwaity festival, we make it unique ! ;p

WHEN:  15-27 FEB.  Thursday & Friday only

WHERE: Kuwait city, obviously 😛

TIME: 5pm