Interview: Bint-il-Kuwait (Blog)

SHE IS GOLDIE..SHE IS Bint-il-Kuwait !!

Bint-il-Kuwait a bloggers I’ll never get bored of..Funny/Cool/3jeeeeba/Makes me LOLZ *I wont stop complementing :D”..I remember when I first saw her blog, I was like WOAH! *MAJOR WOW FACE* 😀 and started reading her blog ever since ! ..So, I really enjoyed interview her..AMAZING INTERVIEW A MUST READ !!!


I just want to say at first that some of these questions were asked to me before so i am going to give a little bit more detailed information so people can know who’s website blogger there reading to =D

i am ordinary girl that just turned 22 years old, not married, trying to graduate as soon as possible 😉 as all of my readers know, i am addicted to ice-cream and Baskin Robbins is my favorite. i am lazy girl that don’t have work ambition.. the only ambition that i have is my blog.. i think of it as a hobby, business plus education. All of these i learned through my blog.. it made social more, learn more and having fun more! =D

What made you blog..why did you start your blog ?

First of all, i started knowing about blogging world when i was abroad.. my cousin told me about it.. so i started watching then became a regular reader/visitor and follower to some blogs that interested me.. later on, i felt Ohh i have some amazing things too! why not share! 😉 
I don’t have a dairy book but i guess i turned my blog to one, but the difference is that include pictures sometimes ;p

What does your blog represent..mostly?

It represents ME, what i like what i don’t, what interests me and what doesn’t.. i simply just love to share everything even the most simplest things.

Why did you call your blog..Bint-il-Kuwait?

Hehehe truly i wasn’t going to name it Bint ilKuwait, i was going to name it Gold Medal Ribbon and use it as my URL Link but i found it too long, so i change it to Bint ilKuwait because i am Bint ilKuwait, it’s not a nick name it’s patriot thing =D

Your blog is amazing, funny, 3jeeeeb…but what is it you hope to achieve from your blog…?

Hehehe thank you so much! =D i really really feel that i have achieved and still achieving..
You know when someones bored? Got nothing to do? wants to nosy others people life? want’s to check out new things? photos? stories? or even just waste their time…??? yup that’s my achievement. Just give them a little about me and glimpse of everything.
What makes a blogger unique..and “that perfect blogger” in your point-of-view?
This questions i have once answered, and my answer is that every blogger in the whole world is unique. It could perfect, it could be not but it is unique. You can know the persons personality through their blog and that’s gives them the uniqueness. You could not like it but others do. People aren’t the same, each prefer something than another and some gets satisfied to something that doesn’t satisfies you. here again i say that every blogger have their own unique style and personality and if everyone followed the “Unique Blogger” way than they could forget about the uniqueness because everything turns into a lie and fake and not perfect at all 😉
At the end, no one is perfect but at least their are some uniqueness and differences between bloggers and here comes the followers role, whom like what and which like what =D

Who supported your blog?

Outside the internet, My mom, sister, brothers, best friend and my cousin.
Inside the internet, Most of my dear fellow bloggers supported me from scratch and without them i wouldn’t be here.. they helped me a lot and mostly guiding me through world of blogging..
Last but not least, my followers because of you i started blogging and because of you i am still 😉

Last Comments:

I want to thank you so much TFQ8 or the lovely interview! I hope my answers doesn’t offense anyone!
I love you my readers, my followers, my blog friends…  I wish you all have a good health and wealth and ENJOY LIFE! 😉


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