Daily Archives: March 1, 2012

PinkBerry New: Limited Edition Watermelon Flavor


Pinkberry’s new limited edition watermelon flavor YUM! Now thats a truly swirly goodness right there !! Available now at all the PinkBerry branches around Kuwait. Make sure get a huge grip at the nhew flavor before you lose your chance..I’m definalty gonna try this !!


AppStore Is About To Reach 25 Billion Downloads !

Just saw this on the front page of Apple.com the ultra-popular apllication store “AppStore”  is about to reach its 25 Billion download mark !! Come on guys and start downloading more !!

The Fixtures Q8: COME BACK


Ok who’s been here since we’ve been gone ?? Don’t ask 😀 ..what is this? like my 3rd come back this year :p But anyhow we’re back and man its great to be !! Thanks to 7abitainBlog & Junky for staying in contact..thanks brooz ! These past couple of weeks I’ve been busy with lots of work and I got this INTERNATION DAY event project that I had to do for school and it had to take me actually…2 weeks to be done with it..I represented Cambodia, it was pretty interasting to do research about the country. I’ll be posting about it soon so stay in touch!