Daily Archives: March 2, 2012

International Day: Cambodia Art Project !

Here it is ! The “International Day Art Project” which we had to do a poster about the country we we’re representing or about the enviroment. It was a long 2 weeks of researching information about Cambodia and the Ankor Wat ! It was a major project to do this year which is like 30% of the total grade of the final score in three subjects, Geography, English & Art ! Ant the end of the last week,  we got an exibtion within school wich each group having a booth and representing their countries. We we’re being graded on both presentation and apperance…to be honset it was LOTS of work ! Thanks to a couple of friends that supported within this project !!


Event: Cloche

Cloche event will take place on 4th-6th of March.

Place: Yamouk, Block 2. Abdulaziz Bin Baz Street, House No.47

For More Info Please Call: 96998824

LMFAO’s RedFoo: Happy Birthday Justin Bieber Video

LOL! “Happy Bieber Justin Birthday” 😀

Soundation: Making Music Online

I just found this “Music Composer site” which is pretty cool. I’ve been looking for a good software for music editing, as for now I was using Sony Acid Pro whcih is a really cool software too, but not what I had in mind. I tried Soundation and it was a really great, no download need to try it ! Thats one of the reasons that I got interasted to use it 😀 If you like music then my advice take a look at it..its free !

Inspiring People: Zed Al-Refai

One of the most inpiring people I have read and heard about is Zed Al-Refai. The 1st Kuwaiti and arab to ever climb Mount Everest in 2003 and the 46th person to ever climb the seven summits. Zed is also the founder of the Arabian Mountaineering and Alpine Climbing Club in Kuwait.

Check Out [More About] Zed Al-Refai

My Beats by. Dr. Dre DETOX Review

After listening to the amaziong sound quilty I just had to talk about this ! So, I just got the Beats by. Dr. Dre DETOX version before they we’re out of stock !! These Limited adition Beats are the best headphone I have tried recently..a sexy black matte look, superouir HD sound quilty and outstanding noice cancellation 😀

These limited edition headphones are serouisly one of a kind..you should get a try at these !