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Coca-Cola Hug Me Machine in Singapore

This is amazing ! You can actually get free coke just for hugging this “Hug Me Machine” 😀

We Are On Instagram !


Yes Finally! We are on instagram…follow us on TheFixturesQ8 if you wanna check out some of our pics and what we see is interating !!

12 Years Later: Diablo 3

12 years later, and the new Diablo 3 had came out on the 15th of May 2012 after its second release which was back in 2000. This game got all of the PC/Mac gamers just hyped to play this game. I heard it was a really great game though I never tried the previous ones, Im going ahead to try it out !!

Cadbury Olympic Gold Medal Chocolate

Feel like a winner with this! If your in the UK, get your hand on this only 0.99p !

WIMD: 20MB/s Service Cancelled

This my first post about WIMD. After, reading some articles for various blogs, about their internet services, I finally came to my senses to get one. I heard it was fast, durable and one of the best. I went to WIMD in sharq and asked about their 20MB/s services..and apparently they told me they canceled their 20MB/s service for no particular reason. All they got now is the 6-15 MB/s services. I was planning on getting the 20MB/s but they cancelled it. I don’t know if its temporarily or permanently, but hopefully they’ll get it back.

Poll: Why Expos ?

Expos are like a habaa these days, I love em…but I see lots of expos happening these days. Well some are for youth, sports, cars, businesses, arts and even techs. Like every single month **BOOM** an expo is going to be taken place the week after..another expo and another and another and another. Expos have been a some sort of Habaa I guess..but why do you like it ? 😀

I go to a majority of them and see the places crowded, but never guessed why do these people like it so much..In my personal opinion, expo are not only fun but you get to see other peoples projects and work that they have spent time on and get to learn from them..


Lost Dog: Found in AlAdan !!


Gender: Male

Breed: German Shepard Mixed

Found: At AlAdan!

This dog was found with a collar but with no name, please help spread the news, and lets help find his owner !

Bob Marley The Film To Hit Kuwait

Bob Marley The Film by Kevin Macdonalds ***DONT WORRY BOUT A THANG** cuz the movie will be hitting Kuwait Cinescape on the 31st May!! If your a fan of the Reggae legend make sure you get to see this film..

Looks like a great passionate movie!


First Video Uploaded On YouTube

The first video ever to be uploaded on YouTube was “Me At The Zoo” on the 23rd of August 2005 a merely 7 years ago by a YouTube user called Jawed..the video is 18 seconds long, and pretty boring :p

Fried Junk @ DownTown Expo

This weekend don’t miss out Fried JunkDownTown Expo on the 17, 18, 19 of May in 3rth Al Ma3rth Hall 8!


Do Not Miss Their Heavenly Fried Chocoloate! 

And also to meet one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Kuwait..The founder and owner of Fried Junk Mohammed Al Rasheed!