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Kuwait Still Top of The Currency List

Kuwait is still the top and the most valuable of the world currencies list, since 1998. At 1KD it is US $3.564, and from the second valuable which is Bahrain a 1KD is  1.343BHD. Kuwait had been on the top since 1998 (I guess)…but I’m really glad that we’re still on top 😀

Almost A Year: The Fixtures Q8 (The Hidden Story)

Its almost a year since I have launched The Fixtures Q8 with a friend of mine. But, today was the day I first made the idea about starting a blog on 24th June 2011. After first I had no clue how to blog, all I wanted was to write about entertainment for people. I admit, I started as beginner more like an amateur, but throughout the first month, I got some major support from some bloggers, who some also became regular readers and got ALOT of view per day. Later, in Early-December 2012, I stopped blogging for almost a month, then in Mid-Feburary the blog began losing a lot views by the day and literally had almost only 20 views per day, and the blog was almost on its way to collapse no matter what I wrote, thats when I decided to shut down the blog. Then I made my decision to get back for almost a 2.5 months cut-off, came back in Late-April to set things back again. In Early-May I had got the views back up again by the least (a-lot less than my beginning), but that didn’t matter since I kept blogging for those people who really enjoyed the blog.

In the tag, are the bloggers and people that supported the blog in many ways. I would massively like to thank these bloggers for all the support and who we’re a major inspiration to me…THANKS GUYS!

Blackberry Bonus App Now In Kuwait

RIM launched a BlackBerry Bonus App, to keep you on up-to-date to updates from stores, discounts and offers of Kuwait’s leading clothing, food & beverage, sports, beauty and automotive and the location of stores participating. You can also share the information via BBM (BlackBerry Messanger) to family and friends. This app is available for free download at BlackBerry World.

BlackBerry Bonus’ Partners Includes:

· Baroue 

· Deer & Dear

· Dunkin Donuts

· Franklin & Marshall

· Go Sport

· NBar

· Pierre Cardin

· Smashburger

· The British Centre 

· V-Kool

Borat National Anthem Played At A Kuwaiti Shooting Event

I just found this video, and its like 3 months old, but like thats extremely embarrassing. A shooting event took place, when a Khazak women was the winner, they got Borat version of the Khazakstan national anthem played instead of the official one. Thats looks so embarrassing :O

Thank You: Kuwait Booth !!!

I would really like to thank Kuwait Booth for support our blog for there lovely advertisement of us and the first blog to be on there…Im so honored guys thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all the support !! Do not miss their site, and make an advert in it, it amazingly amazing !!

Contact Them:

Twitter: @Q8_Booth

Facebook: KuwaitBooth

Instagram/Statigram: Q8Booth

Katy Perry – Wide Awake (Official Video)


CCTV Surveillance to Protect 360Mall Chandeliers

I saw this post from BananaQ8 which talks about 360Mall improving their surveillance cameras to protect their chandeliers, so I wanted to talk in my point of view about this. 360’s Mall chandeliers had been dropped twice as most of you know, to be honest surveillance is the greatest way, but it needs more guards around the mall for the least.

On My Playlist: No Lie – 2 Chainz ft. Drake

Arab Times First Website Preview

Arab Times first website back in 2002..looks a lot different from today 😀

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing is a documentary that speaks of how Apple Inc. started, how it almost ended in 1990’s and how he inspired billion of people around the world with many of the Apple’s inventions and how people reacted to his passing. I just saw this documentary, and its pretty sad to be honest, the people that are featured in the documentary are mostly the people he worked with like Steve Wozniak, Waltz Mossberg, Ronald Wayne and many others. There are a lot of documantries about Steve Jobs and also a movie that was release in 1999 Pirates of Silicon Valley, but this one in particular talks of some of the lost facts and what changed in the world, because of Apple.

Watch it here…