Reasons Why Convert To A Mac User ?

Planning to get a Mac? And why should you get a Mac? Well so many reasons, that I will explain right now…

So let me explain why ??!!

1. Mac OS X Lion: Fast, easy, amazing and a gorgeous OS in the market! With its trackpad gestures, look everything in a bird eye view using mission control, with from full screen apps without minimizing, launch the launchpad to view your apps and softwares and so much more.

2. Security/Anti-Virus: Mac’s are amazingly safe! With no spyware, viruses, trojans, worms etc. Mac’s can assure you safe browsing.

3. Mac vs. PC: Mac’s are full of entertainments, work like a pro, edit like a pro, discover like an expert have fun like an expert! PC’s are good, but more than problem…lots and lots of confusing stuff and sometimes hard to configure at times! Mac is a “user-base configerable” (I made that up hehe), which mean the user could easily configure, without taking it to a work shop at Hawally to backup files, or format a hard drive, download antivirus softwares…it all about the user!

4. Mac vs. Linux: Um haha….No Comment (Both Unix Based)

5. Gaming: Now its amazing than ever, with a Mac glossy display you can actually play games with full HD compatibility. PC will they work on a Mac? The answer is NO…now wait a “beat” here..HOLD ON. Mac OS won’t, but Parallels on Mac will 😀 Parallels, is a windows based OS on a Mac that will allow you to switch from Windows from Mac without boot up, just by minimizing the the screen 😀

6. Backup Data: With TimeMachine…you can backup every deleted work, since the moment you got your Mac 😀

Here’s my own check out 😀

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