Almost A Year: The Fixtures Q8 (The Hidden Story)

Its almost a year since I have launched The Fixtures Q8 with a friend of mine. But, today was the day I first made the idea about starting a blog on 24th June 2011. After first I had no clue how to blog, all I wanted was to write about entertainment for people. I admit, I started as beginner more like an amateur, but throughout the first month, I got some major support from some bloggers, who some also became regular readers and got ALOT of view per day. Later, in Early-December 2012, I stopped blogging for almost a month, then in Mid-Feburary the blog began losing a lot views by the day and literally had almost only 20 views per day, and the blog was almost on its way to collapse no matter what I wrote, thats when I decided to shut down the blog. Then I made my decision to get back for almost a 2.5 months cut-off, came back in Late-April to set things back again. In Early-May I had got the views back up again by the least (a-lot less than my beginning), but that didn’t matter since I kept blogging for those people who really enjoyed the blog.

In the tag, are the bloggers and people that supported the blog in many ways. I would massively like to thank these bloggers for all the support and who we’re a major inspiration to me…THANKS GUYS!


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  1. Mabroooooooooook 😀
    I’m so glad that you decided to blog cause if you didn’t we would never have been able to meet and become friends, you know how special you are to me 🙂
    I totally agree with you, blogging isn’t about how much views you get but more about enjoying the experience ;***
    Wish you all the best and inshallah enshofak da5el your 5th year in blogging

  2. Allah ebarik feech;* Yea, if I didn’t blog, then none of this would have happened, I wouldn’t have this amazing experience nor I would have met you…your a very special to me too. Thanks so much for all your help and support;***

  3. Happy 1 Year and well it’s never about how many visitors you get it’s always about the kind of topics you discuss and how you discuss them. Never let that discourage you from blogging!

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