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Update On Kuwait’s Railroad Engineering

This video was post about 9 months ago by Designa Comuicación on Vimeo.


Chocolate Bar: Now Open In AlHamra Tower

Just yesterday Chocolate Bar, had opened a new branch at AlHamra Tower. 😀

Music To Your Ears: Frank Ocean – channel Orange Album

Frank Ocean one of the most popular ghost song writer to Justin Bieber and others. He gained worldwide popularity once released his song “Novacane” and “Thinking About You” in April 2012. His mix tape stunted and caught interest to the famous artists such as Jay Z, Beyonce and Kanye West. Now releasing his first album available on iTunes “channel Orange”, is increasingly gain even more popularity! I just checked it and his song are I gotta say AMAZING! The songs I recommend is “Pyrimad”. “Think About You” and “Bad Religion”. Here is one of this most popular singles “Good Swim”…

Interview: The Side Talk (Blog)

A blogger, who a lot of potential and charisma in her blog! A really remarkable blogger, that is truly a SIDE TALKER!!

1. The Side Talk, tell us a short brief about yourself and your blog.

In brief, I’m a girl who likes to explore, get inspired, and discover the potential and the dimensions of things around. My blog was establish on March 29, 2010, and since then, I get more addicted to the world of blogging day by day; I post about things that affect me, mean to me, and things that I love; mostly fashion, photography, art, and of course, news and events that happen in Kuwait.

2. What inspired you to blog, and why did you start blogging?

I used to read a lot of blogs and it kinda grew on me to become my only source for knowing about the hit new, the updates, and and the happenings. I got to a point where I’d be reading blogs all day long, and rereading them several times a day! Then I thought, I have things to say and share too! And so it happened, I started my own blog, and used to write about personal topics and opinion and things I find interesting. Never thought I’d reach this far, but I’m so glad i did.

3. Who supported you through building your blog?

My husband! He’s always been a great support. He saw how interested I was in the blogging sphere and popped the question: ‘why don’t you start your own blog’! That’s all he had to do in the beginning! I was waiting for a sign and I got it!


4. Why ‘The Side Talk’, why did you chose it as your blog’s name?

My husband knows me too well, he helped me choose it! I’m not exactly a very daring kind of girl. I’m shy and wouldn’t be caught dead starting a conversation within a gathering in real life. When with a group or a new bunch of people, I’d spend the whole time listening to others talk while the maximum I can do is have a conversation with the person sitting beside me! So yeah, I’m not much of a public or group speaker, and that’s where it came from. ‘the side talk’ it’s what I do.

5. If you could change (add/remove) in the blogging world, what would it be?

First of all I’d set rules against plagiarism! sadly, not so many people know the online etiquette and I feel that a lot of individuals out there tend to forget that behind a blog or a website there is actually a human being working very hard for their content! Unfortunately, at any point of time, you could find something you spent a lot of time and effort to write, shared by someone with absolute negligence to the source! I’d also advise companies and small business owners to learn more on how to deal with bloggers with decency! I get the weirdest, most random, and sometimes very rude requests on my blog, it could really get on your nerves!

6. Last Comments:

I hope one day soon the public would realise that bloggers are actual people with life, feelings, and a lot of ups and downs. Please show respect, Don’t leave a comment that you wouldn’t say to a person face to face just because it’s a easier to type it behind the screen. Remember that starting a blog might be easy but keeping it, continuing with it, and elevating it, take a whole lot of time, effort, and dedication. Thanks a lot to The Fixtures Q8 for this interview and for your interest in my blog. Wish you all the best.

The Side Talk Blog:
Instagram: @thesidetalk