Interview: Naser Al Sayegh (First Kuwaiti Nuclear Engineer)

Naser Al Sayegh first Kuwaiti Nuclear Enigneer, an extra-ordianary man with remarkable visions in engineering. This was a very exciting interview with him, and a very inspirational one to.

1- Naser, talk to us about yourself: 

I got my first degree in Mechanical Engineering from Scotland, then worked as a driller engineer in Kuwait oil company ( KOC ). Later I got my first scholarship from Kuwait’s ministry of higher education to do my first Master degree in Thermal Power and Fluid Engineering from Manchester university then had another scholarship from Kuwait National Nuclear Energy Committee ( KNNEC ) to do my second Master degree in Nuclear Engineering at Imperial college of London.

2- What made you enter the world of nuclear engineering?

First of all, I have a passion for learning and obtaining new knowledge in different scientific fields. Secondly, the technology in the energy field is changing so rapidly , I noticed that these days Kuwait is having some problems with finding sources of electricity supplies and that the next generation of world energy is Nuclear reactors, because it is considered as an excellent alternative source of energy and have various powerful benefits and advantages.

I hope that one day my country “Kuwait” will benefit from this new useful energy and utilize it as an alternative source for producing electricity. I really want to be there when the time comes to live and take part in this developments.

That why I’m pushing my self to the limit to be one day a great Nuclear engineering.

3-  Who supported/inspired you to enter nuclear engineering?

Kuwait National Nuclear Energy Committee ( KNNEC) supervised by Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research ( KISR )

4- Was there any difficulties you faced throughout the major?

Few, because this is a new field for me ,but overall I really benefit from this Master program and recommend it to other people to join.

5- What was the experience like, do you recommend people to major is that field (yes/no and why)

Sure, yes

I recommend people to join this program as I mentioned previously to improve their knowledge and gain higher academic degree to benefit our country Kuwait because even though Kuwait is not yet into Nuclear power reactors ,but surely one day will come where we will need to use them in order to supply the country with the needed electricity because all alternative sources will not be able to overcome the demands and when this time come we should be ready.

6- Any Last Comments?

Many thanks for inviting me to talk and express my new experience to nuclear engineering filed.
In addition I would like to send short message to all young Kuwaiti to start drawing their dreams in their minds and set higher targets for their future to achieve their goals and learn new skills to benefit Kuwait and as they always say ” Don’t wait for the change, Be the change ” and Ramadan Mubarak


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