Kuwait’s Internet Caps

If there is one thing that I don’t get about Kuwait’s internet providers (some) put a caps in your subscription. If some of you didn’t know internet caps are like locks in your internet that while you download a specific size of file lets say 30GB size file and the cap lock is set to 30GB the internet will slowdown dramatically.

I got a internet that has a 30GB cap lock size at a speed of 21.7MBps from one of the internet providers here in Kuwait, just the other night I was watching a video onto you while in the middle of the video it just stopped, I didn’t feel like waiting for the video to load so I just went to Google, which took by the least and people I am not over exaggerating it took 3 minutes to load the page NO JOKE !

I contact Customer Service of the internet provider they told me that there is a cap and its over, and it will be at a speed of 276KBps or something, I was like WAIT WHAT ??!! 276KBps what am I supposed to do in that kind of speed…I’m paying a monthly instalment just to get my internet slowed down for downloading and watching YouTube video’s that 276KBps wont even download a song atleast 15 min!

PLUS: They will charge extra just to get the speed backup for extra caps!!..30GB cap will finish atleast in a week or 2.

I also just found out that Mada, Fastelco, WIMD, VIVA and some others do not have caps on their internet services, so I guess I’m going to switch because seriously this is nonsense.


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