The Writer

Im a technology lover and a computer maniac. I have this aim, to study Computer Science in University of California, Berkeley. I enjoy music..blogging…and more music 🙂 Im just that average person, with the average life. Writing & Sports, espically basketball are my TOP hobbies. I started this blog with a best-friend, who is also the Co-Founder, who manages the site and who gives me the brillant ideas, Fatma Ashour. The primary and main reason that TFQ8 was founded, is because I wanted people to enjoy reading rather then surfing the net or social networking :p the news, entertainment etc. that we represent is all the type that teenagers and young adults could enjoy.

My secondary and minor aim, is to support, from businesses to enterpenuerships, that need support. In that I believe that every businesses deserves to get a successful point, weither it is selling calenders or owning a small shop. This stands up to our motto. If you want to live the moment, well here is your chance to get it 🙂

“Live The Moment, Get Your Moment” – The Fixtures Q8

  1. Good luck, i cant wait for more posts….. im already addicted to your blog 😀 wish you the best for the future

    From your fellow blogger: Q8iyaDownUnder

  2. Haha thanks alot Q8iyaDownUnder, yea same here 🙂 !!

  3. This site is awesome! good luck:)

  4. Heyy, lol thanks sarah !! Really appreciated check out the blog ! 🙂

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