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Apple Store in Hawaii

BEAUTIFUL! Located at Hawaii, Royal Hawaiian 😀


3idkoom Embarak Guys !!

Guys its this time of year where we are all over the place, buying new clothes, hanging out, chilling with family then out to the mall for lunch or dinner and ofcourse the $$$$$$ haha 😀

Its 3-4 days of none stop fun and excitement and by that I mean carefully :p Guys, just have fun with your family, before you go back to your angry boss who you forgot to put that paper on his desk before eid or back to the teacher who wants the summer project due 😀 JUST LIVE IT GUYS HAVE FUN…THIS IS NOT SUMMER…THIS IS SUMMER AND EID SO HAVE A BLAST (Safely) ! 😀

MILSIM Kuwait: Tactical Military Simulation

MilSim is a military simulation in Kuwait. It is based on BIBI guns, except they are real stylistic guns (M4, AK-47 etc.). I saw a review of one of their guns and by the looks of it, its pretty interesting speaking of a fan of shooting games..yes yes Call of Duty 😀

They are located in:

Shaab Park, Baghdad street entrance
Salmiya, Kuwait
United Sports Company


Telephone: [965] 65680661

Twitter: MilsimKuwait

Worst Game In History

This is funny!!!

Metacritic Rating: 8/100

Man Marries A Mannequin

Well…..I have no comments on this 😀

Faye Sultan: Qualification Race (Video)

Sorry for the low quality video.

Parody: Shoojy ft. Bashar Al Shatti

Camel Escapes near Dubai Marina onto Motorway

HILARIOUS! We all have that moment when we think we are cars 😛

Kuwaiti Beat Boxer: DUFFY

When I saw this I could help myself but post it. He’s Amazing! +1 FOR DUFFY!!

Lets get this guy a record deal…LITERALLY!

Via 248AM

Vimto: The Story

Over at Khaleejesque, I read a post about facts of Vimto that I haven’t even heard before. I never knew there was an actual story behind it. Nice facts and great story, check it out.