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LillyDoll27 Blog : Ladies, This Is For You!

A few months ago I did an interview with an amazing fashionista N’s Fashion by. Nouf Al Attar. If some of you ladies don’t know her, she’s a fashion and makeup reviewer..and now she HAS A BLOG !!! If you ladies are fashion addicts, food lovers, and latest gossipers..well look no further LillyDoll27 Blog by Nouf Al Attar is now live!

You can contact her personally:

Twitter: @NoufAttar27

Instagram: @NoufAttar27

Lady Gaga’s Bodyguard Attacks a Fan

This is stupid..he didn’t even do a thing !

Michael Phelps in a Louis Vuitton Campaign

At least his retirement still has a bright future. In my decision, he doesn’t have that model look..but I guess he’s an athlete and that will do :p

Kanye West And Kim Kardashian In 20 Years


In 20 Years:

OMG hahaha! 😀


Poll: Why Expos ?

Expos are like a habaa these days, I love em…but I see lots of expos happening these days. Well some are for youth, sports, cars, businesses, arts and even techs. Like every single month **BOOM** an expo is going to be taken place the week after..another expo and another and another and another. Expos have been a some sort of Habaa I guess..but why do you like it ? 😀

I go to a majority of them and see the places crowded, but never guessed why do these people like it so much..In my personal opinion, expo are not only fun but you get to see other peoples projects and work that they have spent time on and get to learn from them..


Katy Perry ..Blonde Again ?

Katy Perry Pink Hair


Yes..yes, I know they just wont stop ! Eventually, Hollywood stars have this thing with hairs or what ? I mean please how many times do celebs change their hair ?…May we please get an answer here…I guess it unanswerable … but for heavens sake just give an answer 😀 But, honestly is Katy Perry blonde hair great again or just better then the pink ?!

Anne Hathaway — Engadged !


Well, read the title !! One question..why does news travel soo slow these days ?!! Anyhow…congrates to her and Adam Shulman 😀

Audrey Hepburn: Bringing The Fashion Back

Audrey Hepbrun, is one of the most beautiful actresses EVER lived in the history of film making and beyond that !

Yup,  so I have  heard and yea she is ! Now for more news…her fashion is remarkably amazing…and how she dress is still a mystery nowadays, well that’s whats fashion….“Keeping it a Secret”, right ??um…well why do most people love her fashion, we really wanna hear your opinions ladies !


Kate Middleton: Pregnant !

We just recently found out the Kate Middleton is pregnant !! Congrats to Kate Middleton & Prince William !

Zmexy: H&M The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Look


H&M is getting the look from and inspired by, the outcome of the new movie and the most prolific thriller novel of the year !! It’s HAWT, Zmexy, and “Gotemoexy” (my word of the combination of goth, emo & zmexy…false ad btw..:p). That’s a really cool look, can’t wait till the movie comes out..LOVED THE BOOK !