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Back To Blogging

Out of the blue isn’t it? :p

I haven’t really been that busy these days, just working on a this new project.

PLUS! I needed to take a long break…YES, believe it or not we blogger tend to get exhausted from blogging 😀

Just a memo to my next post…I will be posting about this “project” I’ve been working on.

So here, TADAA! I am back..will definitely keep you updated on the next post  😀


Frustration: Kuwait’s Internet Caps 2.0

I’m currently experiencing the worst internet speed in my life!! Seriously, internet is being so slow I cant even work on anything, not even open google a decent speed !! I’m officially going to change my internet plans to another one, cuz the one I’m using is just plain ridiculous!

Note/Advice: If your getting a new internet subscription do not get one that has internet caps on them, they are so not worth it!

3idkoom Embarak Guys !!

Guys its this time of year where we are all over the place, buying new clothes, hanging out, chilling with family then out to the mall for lunch or dinner and ofcourse the $$$$$$ haha 😀

Its 3-4 days of none stop fun and excitement and by that I mean carefully :p Guys, just have fun with your family, before you go back to your angry boss who you forgot to put that paper on his desk before eid or back to the teacher who wants the summer project due 😀 JUST LIVE IT GUYS HAVE FUN…THIS IS NOT SUMMER…THIS IS SUMMER AND EID SO HAVE A BLAST (Safely) ! 😀

Best of Kuwait – 2012

Just a little something I made thought it would be cool. #Represent.


Live Life To The Illest


I though it was kinda funny and inspirational at the same time. Thats my photo of the day!
Dedicated to my buddy 7abitianBlog 😀

Announcement: Get Ready To Support Faye Al Sultan!

I just got informed that Faye Al Sultan will be swimming on August 3rd in 50Meters free far!!

Thanks [Maysoon] for informing us!

248AM’s: Miskan Is Back


I decided to make this post as a tribute to Marks previous blog Miskan. Just checked his blog, then I saw “Miskan” on the header bar..and saw that it is 248am’s blog in an arabic version! Pretty cool!

In case you didn’t know, Miskan was Mark’s second blog. The purpose of it was to post a picture/post a day for 365 Days (A full year). Im glad its back..and really recommend you guys to take a look at it!

Back In Time: Listening To The Beatles

Love The Beatles, Love their music. Just, yesterday after reading more about their history and getting their White Album on iTunes, I became in love with their music. I never really liked old music, but this is something else.

With every mistake we must surely be learning, Still my guitar gently weeps“. – While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Almost A Year: The Fixtures Q8 (The Hidden Story)

Its almost a year since I have launched The Fixtures Q8 with a friend of mine. But, today was the day I first made the idea about starting a blog on 24th June 2011. After first I had no clue how to blog, all I wanted was to write about entertainment for people. I admit, I started as beginner more like an amateur, but throughout the first month, I got some major support from some bloggers, who some also became regular readers and got ALOT of view per day. Later, in Early-December 2012, I stopped blogging for almost a month, then in Mid-Feburary the blog began losing a lot views by the day and literally had almost only 20 views per day, and the blog was almost on its way to collapse no matter what I wrote, thats when I decided to shut down the blog. Then I made my decision to get back for almost a 2.5 months cut-off, came back in Late-April to set things back again. In Early-May I had got the views back up again by the least (a-lot less than my beginning), but that didn’t matter since I kept blogging for those people who really enjoyed the blog.

In the tag, are the bloggers and people that supported the blog in many ways. I would massively like to thank these bloggers for all the support and who we’re a major inspiration to me…THANKS GUYS!

Thank You: Kuwait Booth !!!

I would really like to thank Kuwait Booth for support our blog for there lovely advertisement of us and the first blog to be on there…Im so honored guys thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all the support !! Do not miss their site, and make an advert in it, it amazingly amazing !!

Contact Them:

Twitter: @Q8_Booth

Facebook: KuwaitBooth

Instagram/Statigram: Q8Booth