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Interview: Naser Al Sayegh (First Kuwaiti Nuclear Engineer)

Naser Al Sayegh first Kuwaiti Nuclear Enigneer, an extra-ordianary man with remarkable visions in engineering. This was a very exciting interview with him, and a very inspirational one to.

1- Naser, talk to us about yourself: 

I got my first degree in Mechanical Engineering from Scotland, then worked as a driller engineer in Kuwait oil company ( KOC ). Later I got my first scholarship from Kuwait’s ministry of higher education to do my first Master degree in Thermal Power and Fluid Engineering from Manchester university then had another scholarship from Kuwait National Nuclear Energy Committee ( KNNEC ) to do my second Master degree in Nuclear Engineering at Imperial college of London.

2- What made you enter the world of nuclear engineering?

First of all, I have a passion for learning and obtaining new knowledge in different scientific fields. Secondly, the technology in the energy field is changing so rapidly , I noticed that these days Kuwait is having some problems with finding sources of electricity supplies and that the next generation of world energy is Nuclear reactors, because it is considered as an excellent alternative source of energy and have various powerful benefits and advantages.

I hope that one day my country “Kuwait” will benefit from this new useful energy and utilize it as an alternative source for producing electricity. I really want to be there when the time comes to live and take part in this developments.

That why I’m pushing my self to the limit to be one day a great Nuclear engineering.

3-  Who supported/inspired you to enter nuclear engineering?

Kuwait National Nuclear Energy Committee ( KNNEC) supervised by Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research ( KISR )

4- Was there any difficulties you faced throughout the major?

Few, because this is a new field for me ,but overall I really benefit from this Master program and recommend it to other people to join.

5- What was the experience like, do you recommend people to major is that field (yes/no and why)

Sure, yes

I recommend people to join this program as I mentioned previously to improve their knowledge and gain higher academic degree to benefit our country Kuwait because even though Kuwait is not yet into Nuclear power reactors ,but surely one day will come where we will need to use them in order to supply the country with the needed electricity because all alternative sources will not be able to overcome the demands and when this time come we should be ready.

6- Any Last Comments?

Many thanks for inviting me to talk and express my new experience to nuclear engineering filed.
In addition I would like to send short message to all young Kuwaiti to start drawing their dreams in their minds and set higher targets for their future to achieve their goals and learn new skills to benefit Kuwait and as they always say ” Don’t wait for the change, Be the change ” and Ramadan Mubarak

Interview: The Side Talk (Blog)

A blogger, who a lot of potential and charisma in her blog! A really remarkable blogger, that is truly a SIDE TALKER!!

1. The Side Talk, tell us a short brief about yourself and your blog.

In brief, I’m a girl who likes to explore, get inspired, and discover the potential and the dimensions of things around. My blog was establish on March 29, 2010, and since then, I get more addicted to the world of blogging day by day; I post about things that affect me, mean to me, and things that I love; mostly fashion, photography, art, and of course, news and events that happen in Kuwait.

2. What inspired you to blog, and why did you start blogging?

I used to read a lot of blogs and it kinda grew on me to become my only source for knowing about the hit new, the updates, and and the happenings. I got to a point where I’d be reading blogs all day long, and rereading them several times a day! Then I thought, I have things to say and share too! And so it happened, I started my own blog, and used to write about personal topics and opinion and things I find interesting. Never thought I’d reach this far, but I’m so glad i did.

3. Who supported you through building your blog?

My husband! He’s always been a great support. He saw how interested I was in the blogging sphere and popped the question: ‘why don’t you start your own blog’! That’s all he had to do in the beginning! I was waiting for a sign and I got it!


4. Why ‘The Side Talk’, why did you chose it as your blog’s name?

My husband knows me too well, he helped me choose it! I’m not exactly a very daring kind of girl. I’m shy and wouldn’t be caught dead starting a conversation within a gathering in real life. When with a group or a new bunch of people, I’d spend the whole time listening to others talk while the maximum I can do is have a conversation with the person sitting beside me! So yeah, I’m not much of a public or group speaker, and that’s where it came from. ‘the side talk’ it’s what I do.

5. If you could change (add/remove) in the blogging world, what would it be?

First of all I’d set rules against plagiarism! sadly, not so many people know the online etiquette and I feel that a lot of individuals out there tend to forget that behind a blog or a website there is actually a human being working very hard for their content! Unfortunately, at any point of time, you could find something you spent a lot of time and effort to write, shared by someone with absolute negligence to the source! I’d also advise companies and small business owners to learn more on how to deal with bloggers with decency! I get the weirdest, most random, and sometimes very rude requests on my blog, it could really get on your nerves!

6. Last Comments:

I hope one day soon the public would realise that bloggers are actual people with life, feelings, and a lot of ups and downs. Please show respect, Don’t leave a comment that you wouldn’t say to a person face to face just because it’s a easier to type it behind the screen. Remember that starting a blog might be easy but keeping it, continuing with it, and elevating it, take a whole lot of time, effort, and dedication. Thanks a lot to The Fixtures Q8 for this interview and for your interest in my blog. Wish you all the best.

The Side Talk Blog:
Instagram: @thesidetalk

Interview: Ali Al Mawash (Socialite)

Ali a 17 year old Kuwaiti Socialite, with lots of dreams and passion. I met Ali a long time ago in the American School of Kuwait, and most recent I interview about his works and project and his outstanding blog that consists of advice and Ali’s Biography. As for now Ali lives in Thailand with his family and planning to achieve his life time goals.

When/Why was founded ? officially launched on February 29, 2012. The blog is a way to help me build my name globally as a socialite, trendsetter and philanthropist. This is something I’ve wanted since I was a kid and two years ago after some requests from people I finally started what is now I want to be able to inspire, educate and entertain the people of the world. The blog was coincidently launched on February 29, a leap year, which makes it more special than it already is to me.

Who/What supported you into building your blog ?

My friends and family were my main supporters during the development of my blog, and with their help I have had great results. For example, in just three days I got 6,000+, which I am so proud of. This blog is really helping me achieve my dream and I have gotten a lot of great feedback from the sites visitors.

-What do you represent? What does Ali represent?

With me, I feel I represent a spark to the world. All my life I’ve befriended so many people that told me I was a natural entertainer, which really pushed me to start growing my name and socialize. I want to be able to help spread awareness to causes that the world is blinded by. I want to be able to help those in need and just give my advice on how people could think like me and get the great confidence that I have.

-What are you planning on achieving throughout your site ?

Through my site, I really try to make myself bigger and greater. I want to be able to gain notoriety. I do not want to be called a socialite just in Kuwait, but globally. I am really looking for this blog to be successful so I could be able to independently start doing good things for the world to make it a better place. I want to make people feel that anything is possible and encourage them to forget the haters do what they believe in. I have always been discouraged by jealous people but always know that I will get where I want to get I just have to work hard.

-Tell us more about about yourself..walk us throughout your story

Well my name is Ali Almawash and I am seventeen years old. I currently live in Bangkok and attend the International School Bangkok. Before Bangkok, I lived my whole life from the young age of 11 hanging out and putting myself out there with Kuwait’s people. Since then, I have always been under the spotlight and sadly experienced some lows but some highs from getting my name out there. I have been social with many of Kuwait’s teen elite and dealt with so many experiences that made me the strong and social person that I am today. I knew I wanted this so no matter what lows I got so I fought through it. I feel I am a one of a kind type character and I really want to show that to the world. I do not really care what people think now, so I’m confident in sticking to what I believe in. I am a fighter so when I want something I get it.

-What inspired you the most into starting a blog ?

I always knew I had the dream of becoming this public figure but never knew how I wanted to do it. Two years ago, I finally figured that I want to expand my fan base and what better place to do it than the internet.

The world will see more of Ali Al Mawash.


Visit: Ali’s Blog

Ali’s Twitter

Interview: Bint-il-Kuwait (Blog)

SHE IS GOLDIE..SHE IS Bint-il-Kuwait !!

Bint-il-Kuwait a bloggers I’ll never get bored of..Funny/Cool/3jeeeeba/Makes me LOLZ *I wont stop complementing :D”..I remember when I first saw her blog, I was like WOAH! *MAJOR WOW FACE* 😀 and started reading her blog ever since ! ..So, I really enjoyed interview her..AMAZING INTERVIEW A MUST READ !!!


I just want to say at first that some of these questions were asked to me before so i am going to give a little bit more detailed information so people can know who’s website blogger there reading to =D

i am ordinary girl that just turned 22 years old, not married, trying to graduate as soon as possible 😉 as all of my readers know, i am addicted to ice-cream and Baskin Robbins is my favorite. i am lazy girl that don’t have work ambition.. the only ambition that i have is my blog.. i think of it as a hobby, business plus education. All of these i learned through my blog.. it made social more, learn more and having fun more! =D

What made you blog..why did you start your blog ?

First of all, i started knowing about blogging world when i was abroad.. my cousin told me about it.. so i started watching then became a regular reader/visitor and follower to some blogs that interested me.. later on, i felt Ohh i have some amazing things too! why not share! 😉 
I don’t have a dairy book but i guess i turned my blog to one, but the difference is that include pictures sometimes ;p

What does your blog represent..mostly?

It represents ME, what i like what i don’t, what interests me and what doesn’t.. i simply just love to share everything even the most simplest things.

Why did you call your blog..Bint-il-Kuwait?

Hehehe truly i wasn’t going to name it Bint ilKuwait, i was going to name it Gold Medal Ribbon and use it as my URL Link but i found it too long, so i change it to Bint ilKuwait because i am Bint ilKuwait, it’s not a nick name it’s patriot thing =D

Your blog is amazing, funny, 3jeeeeb…but what is it you hope to achieve from your blog…?

Hehehe thank you so much! =D i really really feel that i have achieved and still achieving..
You know when someones bored? Got nothing to do? wants to nosy others people life? want’s to check out new things? photos? stories? or even just waste their time…??? yup that’s my achievement. Just give them a little about me and glimpse of everything.
What makes a blogger unique..and “that perfect blogger” in your point-of-view?
This questions i have once answered, and my answer is that every blogger in the whole world is unique. It could perfect, it could be not but it is unique. You can know the persons personality through their blog and that’s gives them the uniqueness. You could not like it but others do. People aren’t the same, each prefer something than another and some gets satisfied to something that doesn’t satisfies you. here again i say that every blogger have their own unique style and personality and if everyone followed the “Unique Blogger” way than they could forget about the uniqueness because everything turns into a lie and fake and not perfect at all 😉
At the end, no one is perfect but at least their are some uniqueness and differences between bloggers and here comes the followers role, whom like what and which like what =D

Who supported your blog?

Outside the internet, My mom, sister, brothers, best friend and my cousin.
Inside the internet, Most of my dear fellow bloggers supported me from scratch and without them i wouldn’t be here.. they helped me a lot and mostly guiding me through world of blogging..
Last but not least, my followers because of you i started blogging and because of you i am still 😉

Last Comments:

I want to thank you so much TFQ8 or the lovely interview! I hope my answers doesn’t offense anyone!
I love you my readers, my followers, my blog friends…  I wish you all have a good health and wealth and ENJOY LIFE! 😉

Interview with Fahad Al Ibrahim (Enterpenuer/Blogger)

Fahad Al Ibrahim, a enterpenuer, blogger, app developer of one of the most remarkable Blog@ App Aggregator…(Available at the AppStore) if your a fan of Kuwait Blogs or GCC ones…then you have to check it out. I have been amazed by many of Fahad’s work ! And did this quick interview…which was even more remarkable…READ IT !

Fahad, talk to us !

I’m a CBA – Kuniv. graduate majoring in marketing .. An entrepreneur (in progress) [ co-owner of EZGRT.Com with Omarker ] .. A Jr.Blogger at [ ] .. And a Jr.Developer [Blog@ app]

We are major fans of your work, and the Blog@ app. Tell the story of your work.

It started with an awsome app “kuwait blogs” it used to be my Fav app in the iPhone .. Unfortunately with updates it became unusable .. So it created a (need) for a new app.. During this time I was learning how to create an app (still learning) .. Until I felt I’m capable of creating an app .. I released an app called “jarayed” then I created “blog@” to fill that (need)  So basicly I created it for my self mostly :p

We hear of upcoming futher “Blog@Projects” what are they ?

Yes, I’m planning on releasing three new apps this year ..
1- Blog@: Picks ( new features: Picks Feed and instaBlog@ )
2- Blog@: GCC
3- Vlog@

Your a blogger in Elderwza ! Tell
about the blogging life of yours !

Blogging is my new hobby and as I said before I consider my self as a Jr.blogger still I need a lot to learn to be considered a blogger .. And I’m lucky to be part of family to support me .-

Three, things ONLY, what would you add or remove in the blogging world ?!

1- I would love to see Kuwaiti blogs match the international ones like (Engadget , life+times , and mashable) .

2- I would like to see more specialized blogs like eb6anyia and q8stig but of course in different areas:)

3- I would love to see more bloggers reference each other if they took or found a post and reposted it in their blog even international ones

In your own belief, what do you thinkis the major parts in blogging ?

I think to be a good blogger, simply you need to be yourself

Last Comments: Thank you for the lovely interview (ya36eek al3afyia) :p

Interview: Jacqui — CouchAvenue (Blog)


One of the most amazing/inspirational bloggers out there !

Jacqui, one of my personal favorite blogs..I finally had the chance to interview her..and got to know a little more about her and her outstanding blog. Its was quite a long but amazing interview..

What Inspired you the most about blogging?

I started blogging May 17th 2004 after I received an invite from a friend of mine back then to check out “Blogspot/Blogger” at the time blogging was such a new thing that not many from Kuwait were on it.  I didn’t get any comments, I don’t think I had many readers but I slowly told my friends in University about it and got some of them to start blogging.  Eventually I found other blogs in Kuwait such as, Nibaq’s blog, 248AM (back then tho it was different), Rampurple, Purgatory, and so many more.  We were a small community, Nibaq created an aggregator much like Botamba nowadays called “Safat Kuwait Blogs” it was a way to discover new blogs and old ones.  I got on board a couple years later and worked there adding new blogs so I pretty much saw the blogging world in Kuwait being born.  I’m mostly inspired by the fact that as an individual you can share your thoughts, emotions, feelings, knowledge with the whole world with just a click of a button.

Why & When did you start Couch Avenue?

So as you know I started blogging in 2004 with a Blogger/Blogspot domain, however in 2005 I received a domain as a gift from a friend and chose to go with “,” later on in 2006 I moved on to ““, because I wanted to have a more ‘adult’ blog name and not live forever with the childish one. I mean I had an obsession with rubber duckies back then but 2006 I graduated from University and pretty much wanted to start a new phase in life.  I started blogging as a way to document my personal life, at one point I used to write daily that if I wanted to know where I was on a certain date or what I did, all I had to do was search my archives and find it.  It was always a “me” place one where I can share what I like, what I hate, what I thought with the world.  I never got behind the “business-y” aspect that blogs nowadays take and therefore I might not have many readers now as the brand new blogs specializing in writing about the latest products and all.  Eventually however I started to move away slightly from my daily life to writing about my favorite gadgets (not advertising them really) just sharing my passion with the world.  Nowadays you will think Jacqui from Couch Avenue = Apple Addict.

Why “Couch Avenue” and what started that name?

I chose the name “Couch Avenue” because it was a recommendation from a couple of my closest friends (Marzouq from, and Ananyah from we were brainstorming and eventually we agreed upon the name because well I am sort of a couch potato.  I love to watch TV Shows and I’m lazy to the bone therefore what better way than to create a whole avenue dedicated to laziness.

If there is anything you would change (add or remove) in the blogging world what would it be?

I would really remove the impersonal blogs, the ones focusing on drumming up business by just copy-pasting press-releases and sugar-coating everything.  I would like to remove the people who impersonate bloggers/blogs and just copy/paste a post without giving the author any recognition.  I would like to bring back the personal aspect of blogging (I want to know about what other people are feeling/experiencing!) I don’t really need to read a thousand posts about “Google updated its doodle to celebrate so-so day.”  Nowadays when I read through the blogs in my Google Reader all I see is a million posts giving me the same bit of information.  If you were going to do that then give it your own personal spin on it, be creative.

What do you love mostly about blogs and blogging?

I love reading the experiences people go through, I love the sharing aspect. I also love meeting new people from the blogging world because you know that Kuwait is so small and with companies giving some blogs recognition we are starting to meet each other more often and establishing a more face-to-face relationship. The more personal/individual/creative/awesome a blog is then the more amazing it is in my books!

Tell us more about yourself:

Well as most of you know I’m a 20-something (okay okay you dragged it out of me I’m 28!) Gadget freak. I love everything and anything that is technology and gadgets, specifically Apple! I recently converted to the Light side in 2005 and well ever since it’s been an amazing ride I’ve become though more and more obsessed and that kind of shows. I love TV Shows, some might say I’m an addict because I follow more than 70+ TV Shows (some get canceled and new ones come on the horizon). I love reading, but haven’t been doing much of it lately. I guess it goes without saying that watching movies is also awesome. Because I was raised in a house where my father was a fine arts major and my mother a computer major I got the best of both worlds. I am the geek in my house, the eldest of my sisters and the IT Technician of everyone else (if there is a computer/iDevice problem I’m the one they call). The social media world is a new passion that I have stumbled upon especially Twitter and Instagram which couldl be a reason why I am a lazy blogger and have taken more breaks than ever. Not to mention, my new part-time at a newspaper is something I’m falling in love with, because you see I prepare the Technology page for the Al Watan Daily Newspaper (English) and I’ve even started a new column “App of the Week” which is awesome you guys should check it.

Last Comments:

Word of advice to new bloggers: Do not start a blog in hopes to get free stuff (not everyone gets them), don’t piss off older blogs by trying to advertise yourself on their website because well they don’t have to always write about new people introduce yourself nicely to them and they might surprise you and do what you ask, please respect others and treat them the way you want to be treated, and most importantly be polite and nice, something I haven’t been seeing lately is ‘if I go and comment on your blog and spend the time to either share your opinion or grant you with mine; you as a blogger don’t even bother to do so’ in my books if someone new follows me on Twitter I follow them back granted they are not psychos or bots. So why not read the other persons blog and comment establish a relationship with them because being nice to people will make the world a better place.

Otherwise, stay true to yourself and don’t get caught up and start hurting others.

Jacqui [My TV Blog which I haven’t been updating a lot mostly] [A Kuwaiti Stories Aggregator which let’s people find those who write stories in Kuwaitn more quickly]

Interview: 7ajiDude (Blog)

Yup…the coolest bloggers !

The moment…no no..the COOLEST moment is right here…the interview we’ve been waiting for…7ajiDude…man what an amazing interview!!

7ajidude, why that name?

We are 3 people in the blog with 3 completely different personalities and conflicts of interests
7aji – Is the typical kuwaiti guy that is in love with simulators
Dude – Americanized yet kuwaiti who loved to off road and take care of his family and kids
Dudette- The Kuwaiti chick that is not proud to be a chicken nugget but she truly is , Fashion Designer that lived her good times outside kuwait but loves Kuwait more than anything else , Her life is Music and her passion is writing and fashion.

What/when started 7ajidude blog?

We went to a 30 Seconds to Mars concert and sneaked in some professional camera’s because we felt we had to share this to the public and that was our first post , after that we had the passion and love to share our thoughts , opinions , our likes and dislikes to the public but in a different and unique aspect.

What do represent mostly in your amazing blog?

Different opinions when it comes to interests and taste buds , Honesty , positivity , FUN AND COOLNESS 😛

If there was one thing you would change (add or remove) in the blogging world..what would it be?

I don’t think we should ADD anything because we all became friends and are helping and supporting each other , I love our Fellow Bloggers 🙂
Remove NEGATIVE ENERGY AND WANNABE’s, if you don’t have passion in blogging simply don’t have one and follow the trend.

What are the aims or goals you guys hope to achieve in your blog?

To make People and the older generation who does not know what a blog is to wake up in the morning excited , looking forward and thinking what our post of the day is !

7aji, Dude & Dudette, you guys are known for these unique names, tell us a short brief about the three of you.

7aji and Dudette is a married couple , Dudette is a fashion Designer, that lives on Music and hates technology , 7aji is a network specialist, gadgets Apple lover and is in love with technology, we proved that apposites do attract and work 😛
Dude is a off roader and Engineer , that is into games

Last Comments:

Hope You Enjoy the Blog and Happy Reading .. if Your Not a Reader , Were like a soft copy book with lots and lots of PICTURES 😛

Keep your cooolness even cooler 7aji’s , dudes and dudettes ! 😛

Interview (N’s Fashion) Blog


A fashion guru, a remarkable writer, a outstanding poet…N’s Fashion

If you a fashion lover, and just love everything about it…follow her at her twitter blog @FashionNs.

What made you blogging ?

The first thing, that made me start start a fashion blog was, I used to watch Michelle Phen & Kandy Johnson and other fashion gurus on YouTube…and another person who inspired me to start my own twitter is Lab8. And being inspired by fashion and fashion artists..I’m a fashionohlic..also some sort of a nerd 🙂

What is the aim of N’s Fashion ?

My aim is to support, my favorite fashion brands.

What does N’ Fashion represent ?

I show the things that I get, such as shoes, bags, clothes…but mostly I review makeup products, such as brushes, and other makeup. And what I show, I tend to review people reactions.

Why did you name it “N’s Fashion” ?

Well…N is me Nouf and Fashion is obviously fashion itself…

What do hope to achieve from this ?

I want to start a V-log later on, in the upcoming future, I wanna be a reviewer for makeup brands, but my ultra-dream is to publish a book one day..and I wanna work in the co-operate world 🙂

Who would you like to thank, for the support ?

I would you’d like to mention my twitter followers:
@M25ER582, @Ladyb_q8, @LU_Loliko & @3weshg

Last Comment:

I would like to thank your amazing blog, and all the support, thank my lovely followers and fashionistas. Lastly, I would like to congratulate @Nawara21 for winning in my contest “MAC Gold Bornzer Powder”.

Twitter Blog: @FashionNs

Interview (Q8Rain) Blog


Long time since we actually did an interview with a blogger !! I had this moment and asked a dearly blogger and one of my fav top 5 best blogs for an interview…Ladies & Gents Q8Rain !

When was Q8 Rain founded ?

My blog was founded in 6th of December 2010 but i really start blogging in Last March

Who/What supported your blog ?

Some how I founded the support from my fellow bloggers because most of my friends and family members not interested in blogging and online world

What does Q8 Rain represent ?
And also why was it called “Q8 Rain″?

Raining represented Rainy herself in some officially way *secret* , some people thought i called it Rain because I’m a lover to the Rain while I’m not at all

What made you start blogging ?

Well, so many reasons made me starting blogging but the main one that have a unique view to the life and fashion so i wanted to share it with others

Tell us more about Q8Rain

My blog is my fun book of how to live in Kuwait and enjoy it .. Q8 Rain about my interests in life and Everything draws my interest and the main about my interests in life and Everything draws my interest and the main reason for why do i love my blog because i consider is my fun gate away reason for why do i love my blog because i consider is my fun gate away from the frustrations of work and and pressures of life

What inspired you the most into starting a blog ?

Well, before couples of years i used to work as journalist but after change my career i missed writing and talking about my interest in some places and things so i start my blog to be my voice out there.

Any Last Comments:

I’m calling all the readers and who may interest not to forget our campaign GIVE , where we do a fun party every month to the Kids with Cancer Diseases and all what we want is that they Donate gifts to those kids to make them happy even it was the last day of their life At the End thank you for having me in your amazing blog

Interview (Mistir You) Blog


Mistir You, a great blog, they came to us to see if we we’re available to do an interview with them. We first met the founders was in the Blogger Gathering. So, we accepted to conduct an interview with them and hope you like it …

What started “Mister You” blog?

Our passion and drive that we have for the things we love.

Who founded the blog ?

Mr.R & Mr.M

Who supported you through building the Mister You blog ?

Our friends & families.

Why “Mister You”, why that name ?

We want you to feel that this blog is all about YOU and how you can enjoy life with luxury and amazement! The mis-spelling with the 2 I’s is to ensure every reader that the blog is not only for us to write but for him/her to read and enjoy.

What does your blog represent to your readers and what is about mostly ?

Our blog is all about experiencing life! One of the moto’s that we always want not only readers but everyone to keep in mind is; One day your life will flash before your eyes… Make sure it’s worth watching. So basically have fun in life because its just too short to think about each and every thing you do!

What inspired you the most about blogging ?

Sending a message of living life to its most. Writing and our other passions such as travel, food, and experiencing life to its max. Life is not always negative, it actually can be very positive

What could we possibly see more from “Mister You” in the near future ?

Well we wont spill out that but you may check the sub-new section called ” Series ” . YOU WILL LOVE 🙂

Last Comments:

All of you guys have a great day! 🙂