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Curiosity Rover Landed On Mars

Curiosity rover just landed on Mars on August 5th! You could also check out the photos that the rover took in color its pretty cool (Click Here)

Kuwait’s Second Olympics Medal: Fehaid Al Deehani

Fehaid Al Deeahani just won his second olympics bronze medal in double trap! This is Kuwait’s second Olympics bronze medal…LETS GO FOR GOLD NEXT TIME!!! 😀

Naser Al Sayegh: First Nuclear Engineer In Kuwait!

Naser Al Sayegh is the first Kuwaiti to ever enter a Nuclear Engineer major. He studied in the Imperial College which is considered the 6th best Engineering colleges in the world. Really pround for Naser, and inshallah the best.

BTW … TFQ8 is on Blog@ App

Thanks to Fahad Al Ibrahim (Elderwaza & Egzrt) aka. Fhd the developer of the famous bloggers app “Blog@” .. had included TFQ8 on the app !!

Many thanks to Fahad for including us … such a great honor!


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Bentley EXP 9 F

I’ve always been a fan of the Bentley cars.


This is still a concept developed by Bentley engineering which is such a beauty of car!

Frank Ocean’s Story In Music

I said in my earlier post, about his newest/first album “channel Orange” that was release yesterday, was amazing. But, most of you haven’t seen him speak of his first three singles that I also explained in my earlier post “Good Swim”, “Novacane” and “Nostaiga/Ultra”. So, here’s his 6 months old interview with BBC, speaking about why he’s started in the music industry, which to me is very calm and humble to him.

Kuwait Still Top of The Currency List

Kuwait is still the top and the most valuable of the world currencies list, since 1998. At 1KD it is US $3.564, and from the second valuable which is Bahrain a 1KD is  1.343BHD. Kuwait had been on the top since 1998 (I guess)…but I’m really glad that we’re still on top 😀

Thank You: Kuwait Booth !!!

I would really like to thank Kuwait Booth for support our blog for there lovely advertisement of us and the first blog to be on there…Im so honored guys thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all the support !! Do not miss their site, and make an advert in it, it amazingly amazing !!

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CCTV Surveillance to Protect 360Mall Chandeliers

I saw this post from BananaQ8 which talks about 360Mall improving their surveillance cameras to protect their chandeliers, so I wanted to talk in my point of view about this. 360’s Mall chandeliers had been dropped twice as most of you know, to be honest surveillance is the greatest way, but it needs more guards around the mall for the least.

Twitter New Birdy?

Twitter headquarters in San Francisco reveals it new “TwitterBird” (The blue one) symbol for the company.

“The new bird “grows out of love for ornithology, design within creative constraints, and simple geometry,” said Doug Bowman (Tech Designer)